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Ice spoons and lures
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DUO Bay Ruf SV-70

Versatile vibration plug on the use and species of predators...
Prices from 15.06 €

Berkley Unnatural maggots, worms

Unnatural maggots, worms
Prices from 5.88 €

Spinmad Blade baits Uklejka (bleak)

A very successful imitation of fry. Intense vibration and sm...
Prices from 4.59 €

Jenzi Spoon`y Single Hook

Sensitive spoon for trout, bass, and ice angling. The feathe...
Prices from 3.06 €

Shaker Baits Soft Baits Ice Seed

Ice Seed - New micro size soft lure is available @ Finland w...
Prices from 3.39 €

Solvkroken Stingsilda Holographic

The world’s most famous herring lure! Very realistic imitati...
Prices from 5.65 €

Solvkroken Stingsilda

Very popular Jig with great catch results. Available in clas...
Prices from 5.65 €

Solvkroken Lures Jensen Mini-Pirken

This versatile lure is great for Trout fishing and its proje...
Prices from 3.95 €

Jaxon Vertical

Prices from 3.15 €

Jaxon Under Ice Pilkers

Under Ice Pilkers - ICE JIGS PILKERS
Prices from 7.88 €

Kuusamo Sukeltaja

Sukeltaja is an ice fishing lure with a swimming action that...
Prices from 3.76 €

Jaxon LD series

Prices from 1.55 €

Jaxon LC series

Prices from 1.69 €

Jaxon LB series

Prices from 1.55 €

Jaxon K series

K series Ice Jigs
Prices from 1.13 €

Kuusamo Kmo tasapaino X-Pro

X-Pro tasapaino have a special swimming motion with newly sh...
Prices from 6.12 €

Kuusamo Kirppu

Kirppu 1 and 2 and 3 (Kirppu = flea in English) All Kirppus...
Prices from 2.35 €

Jaxon Ice fishing spoons Isak

Isak series Ice Jigs
Prices from 2.02 €