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Sea fishing Rigs

Dega Spoon-Leader Floating Jig Head

Dega Spoon-Leader Floating Jig Head
New 2024!
Spoon-Leader Floating Jig Head Catchy bycatch-leader with on...
Prices from 4.24 €

Dega Pre-assembled Norway Leader

Dega Pre-assembled Norway Leader
New 2024!
Pre-assembled Norway Leader for Cod-/ and Haddock with 2 sid...
Prices from 5.18 €

Dega Deadbait Halibut-Rig

Deadbait Halibut-Rig Fully rigged with lead-head, line, and...
Prices from 18.35 €

Dega Pilk Leader for the North and Baltic Seas

Lure-leader for North and Baltic Sea Equipped with tube, gli...
Prices from 3.18 €

Dega LED - Luminous Octopus Rig

The Octopus is a great rig with an extremely sharp attached...
Prices from 7.29 €

Dega Norway-Rig Real Fish Skin

Norway-Rig Not only for herring, but also for cod angling in...
Prices from 3.88 €

Dega UV-Active Octopus System

UV-Active Octopus System with 2 arms UV-Active Octopus Sea-l...
Prices from 3.88 €

Dega Overbite-System

Overbite System 2 Perfect for Norway: on the add-on a bait f...
Prices from 3.18 €

Dega Ocean-Rig

Ocean-Rig with fringe, spinner and 3 side-arms
Prices from 3.18 €

Dega Squid Rig for Norway

Squid Leader for Norway Catchable leader with 2 side-arms; P...
Prices from 7.76 €

Dega Soft Bait Fish-Rig

in soft design with internal reflective foil
Prices from 4.59 €

Dega Special Octopus System with 4 arms

Special Octopus System with 4 arms UV-Active Octopus Sea-lea...
Prices from 3.84 €

Dega Makerel-Rig 5 hooks

Mackerel Leader with 5 side arms. Red-glittering iris with s...
Prices from 2.99 €

Dega Norway-Rig 3 fishes

NORWAY-Rig Succesful Rig for Norway and Iceland. Mounted wit...
Prices from 7.88 €

Dega Mackerel Shrim-Rig

Mackerel Shrim-Rig Professional rig with 4 side arms. Perfec...
Prices from 2.96 €

Dega Octopus-Rig

Octopus-Rig for sea fishing. 3 side arms with sturdy, nickel...
Prices from 4.59 €

Dega Shrimp Deluxe-Rig

Shrimp Deluxe Leader Attractive leader with 5 side arms; per...
Prices from 3.25 €

Dega Mackerel-Rig

Mackerel-Leader with 3 side-arms and illuminated beads in at...
Prices from 2.21 €

Dega Makerel-Shrimp Rig

Rig with 5 side-arms / shrimp. Perfectly rigged/knotted with...
Prices from 4.59 €

Dega Natural-Bait Rig by T. Ahrens

NORWEGIAN Natural Bait Leader One of the most compact natura...
Prices from 5.76 €

Dega Norway-Basic-Rig

NORWEGIAN Basic Leader This basic leader needs to be in ever...
Prices from 4.47 €

Dega Cod Leader with 2 Softbait-fish-arms

The Cod leader / Norwegian-Paternoster features two soft-bai...
Prices from 4.71 €


Technical leads used for rigs with attached.
Prices from 1.32 €

Jaxon Sets for rigs

Prices from 1.36 €

Jaxon Herring sets

Prices from 1.18 €

Jaxon Jaxon Octopus sets

Jaxon Octopus are artificial baits made of soft material whi...
Prices from 1.84 €

Jaxon Cod sets

Prices from 1.13 €

Westin Halibut Anti Twist Rig Lead

• Material: Lead • Hooks: Single hook #7/0 & PS Treble hook...
Prices from 14.80 €

Jaxon Herring Leads

Prices from 1.60 €
Sea fishing rigs are small lures (e.g. shiny foils, tassels or rubber twisters or fish) tied to the side straps, which are designed to attract species such as herring or mackerel, but smaller cod or coalfish will be a common by-catch. At the end of the tag, a sinker of appropriate weight is attached, or e.g. a pilker or other sea jig, which allows fishing at the appropriate depth.
In addition to classic rigs, the offer also includes ready-made sets for fishing with the surfcasting method from the beach, where our prey will be flounder and other bottom species.