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Fly Tying Tools
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Stonfo Elite Bodkin

Extra user-friendly bodkin. Produced with stainless steel ma...
Prices from 11.29 €

Stonfo Trimmer 727

Precision cutter indispensable for the finishing of your fli...
Prices from 10.12 €

Stonfo Thread Cutter 725

Tool equipped with a special V-blade that allows to cut the...
Prices from 9.06 €

Stonfo CDC Feathers Block 723

Block with grooves of different length to easily fold the fe...
Prices from 7.18 €

Smhaen Half Hitch Tool with a built in Cutter

The SMHAEN half hitch tool is currently the only half hitch...
Prices from 34.12 €

Smhaen Master Dubbing Twister

The Dubbing twister is in a midge size, blue color. This siz...
Prices from 37.18 €

FMFly Self-opening Spring Scissors Gold Handle

Very convenient to use self-opening fly tying scissors for d...
Prices from 6.35 €

FutureFly 10Years Anniversary Razor Scissors

This is our Anniversary Razor Scissor - 10Years ago we start...
Prices from 21.65 €

Hareline Dubbin Tyflyz Toolz Pinch Stacker

Tap, pinch, remove, release and tie on.
Prices from 36.24 €

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 3,5" Eco Arrow Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from 13.18 €

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 4in All Purpose Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from 22.82 €

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 3,5'' Micro Tip Arrow Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from 31.06 €

FutureFly Predator Neddles

Our FF Predator Neddles comes with an adapter. It holds our...
Prices from 18.12 €

Veniard TC Premium Rotary Whip Finish Tool

Finisher Veniard from the latest series of titanium coated i...
Prices from 7.65 €

Veniard TC Premium Bobbin Holder

Two models of Veniard bobbin holders from the latest series...
Prices from 9.76 €

Stonfo Elite Threader 639

Extra user-friendly tool to thread the bobbin holder. It is...
Prices from 15.06 €

Stonfo Bended Bodkin 693

Stainless steel bodkin with characteristic “U” shape. Indisp...
Prices from 11.65 €

Stonfo Elite Conical Finisher 591

Extra user-friendly conical finisher. It is produced with st...
Prices from 16.47 €

Loon Outdoors Loon Razor Scissor 4 Inch

Sharp, comfortable, sharp, precise, and sharp. Appropriately...
Prices from 37.88 €

Hareline Dubbin Material Clamp Set

Designed for easy preparation and handling of materials for...
Prices from 40.47 €

FutureFly FutureFly Tube Vise

The FF TubeVise is made for one reason, to tie flies, tubefl...
Prices from 158.12 €

FMFly Scissors Gold

Prices from 3.34 €

Veniard Lightweight Ceramic Insert Bobin Holder

Veniard Lightweight CI Bobbin Holder - A nicely styled light...
Prices from 6.47 €

Smhaen Classic Bobbin Holders

Smhaen Classic Bobbin Holders are tradditional style bobbin...
Prices from 49.65 €

FutureFly Toolbar

FF Toolbar in aluminium. A magnet in the end.
Prices from 24.71 €

FutureFly Hackle Tool

This FF Hackle Tool has been under developing for a few year...
Prices from 8.24 €

FutureFly Standart Bobbin

FF Standart Bobbin With a good grip. Smooth tube and perfect...
Prices from 8.47 €

FutureFly Zonker Tool

FF Zonker Tool is the perfect tool to hold your skin when cu...
Prices from 21.88 €

FutureFly Tubevise Neddles

It has taking us a long time to find the right steel and dim...
Prices from 10.82 €

Loon Outdoors Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit

The Core Fly Tying Tool Kit and the Accessory Fly Tying Tool...
Prices from 175.76 €

Loon Outdoors Loon Core Fly Tying Tool Kit

The tool kit around which benches are built. Packaged in a h...
Prices from 89.18 €

Loon Outdoors Ergo Comb

The solution to stubborn fibers. The solution to unruly mate...
Prices from 22.35 €

Regal Travel Vise with Aluminum Pocket Base

The REGAL TRAVEL VISE is the perfect vise to fit in your boa...
Prices from 269.00 €

Regal Inex Vise with Regular Jaws and C-clamp

If you are a fly tying beginner, or just looking for a moder...
Prices from 219.00 €