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Spinning and lure fishing accessories

Rapala Screw Diver System Weights

Rapala Screw Diver System Weights
New 2024!
Modify the swimming depth with the turn of your wrist – lite...
Prices from 7.29 €

Jaxon Mat 100 cm

Jaxon Mat 100 cm
New 2024!
Mat dimensions: 105 x 40 cm.
Prices from 8.71 €

Carp Zoom Soft Lure Spray

A specialist spray containing a durable and intensely scente...
Prices from 4.56 €

Dragon Waterproof Phone CASE

Protection when fishing during rainy day or during deep wadi...
Prices from 10.24 €

Dragon Organizer/hanger for lures and accessories Megabaits

Comfortable organizer for lures, with velcro to attach to th...
Prices from 9.88 €

Jaxon Sbirolino

Sbirulino (also called Spirolino) are used to reach fishes f...
Prices from 1.22 €

Savage Gear Belly Boat Gated front bar with net 85-95CM

Getting in and out of your belly boat has never been so easy...
Prices from 85.41 €

Savage Gear Measure Craddle 60CM

Rubber mesh cradle, floating, 60cm measure board oversized C...
Prices from 37.65 €

Westin Add-It Spinnerbait Propeller

The Add-It Spinnerbait Propeller has two custom made semi-so...
Prices from 6.80 €

Savage Gear Treble Hooks Protectors

Click on treble hook protectors, that allows you to carry yo...
Prices from 3.53 €

Savage Gear MP Retractor

• ABS frame • Stainless steel link • Length: 10.5cm • Max...
Prices from 7.41 €

Cuda Cuda Jaw Spreader

- Stainless Steel - Cuda Scale Pattern Grips - Allows F...
Prices from 32.24 €

Jaxon Gags

Prices from 1.88 €

Jaxon Pin on Reel

Very usefull accessories. Pin on to your vest.
Prices from 3.62 €
The devil is in the details and they are the factors that determine the comfort, which, combined with ergonomics, increase the effectiveness and comfort of fishing. That is why we present small accessories for lure fishing that will make fishing more comfortable.
We offer fishing accessories such as retractors (helpful when pulling the bait from the jaws of a pike), sticks for stunning fish, sharpeners for hooks and trebles or clips, thanks to which the necessary spinning accessories will always be at hand.