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Savage Gear SG8 Chest Wader

Savage Gear SG8 Chest Wader
New 2024!
When the Savage Gear team set out to create an all-new wader...
Prices from 404.76 €

Savage Gear SG8 Chest Zip Wader

Savage Gear SG8 Chest Zip Wader
New 2024!
When the Savage Gear team set out to create an all-new wader...
Prices from 435.48 €

Simms Tributary Stockingfoot Basalt

The best value in wading, the Tributary collection from Simm...
Prices from 299.90 €

Delphin Hron

HRON chestwaders are very reliable model designed by Delphin...
Prices from 73.57 €

Prologic Avenger Chest Waders

For those anglers who prioritise performance above all else,...
Prices from 71.43 €

Prologic Inspire Chest Bootfoot Wader EVA Sole

A screaming alarm snaps you out of a deep slumber. You stagg...
Prices from 127.38 €

Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Waders Dark Gunmetal

Stockingfoot waders built to wade deeper and trek farther th...
Prices from 404.52 €

Guideline Waders HD Sonic Wader

With the vertically adjustable Elevator™ Braces, this high w...
Prices from 559.76 €

Guideline Waders Kaitum XT Wader

When developing the Kaitum XT Wader, we wanted to create a w...
Prices from 299.99 €

Jaxon Waders AB-TUB

Prices from 139.29 €

Guideline Waders Laxa 2.0 Zip Wader

Guideline Laxa 2.0 ZIP waders have the most important featur...
Prices from 508.81 €

Scierra Helmsdale Chest Wader Stockingfoot

The Helmsdale breathable waders range, are produced with foc...
Prices from 210.71 €

Guideline Waders ULBC Wader

Guideline Ultra Light Back Country wader is made for the hik...
Prices from 508.81 €

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader is a premium fly fishing wader...
Prices from 661.43 €

Simms Freestone Z Stockingfoot

Durable, breathable waders with our favorite features includ...
Prices from 467.86 €

Scierra Helmsdale Neo Chest Stocking Foot Waders

• 4.5mm SCR neoprene • Handwarmer pocket with fleece lining...
Prices from 184.29 €

Scierra Helmsdale 20.000 Chest Bootfoot Waders

• 20.000 Water prof 3 layer materiale • Breathable of 4.000...
Prices from 109.52 €

Prologic Waders MAX5 Taslan Chest Boot Foot

• Durable high abrasion MAX5 waders • Adjustable H-style su...
Prices from 113.10 €

Scierra Chest Waders Kenai Neo 4mm Chest Bootfoot

• 4mm quality Neoprene • Handwarmer pocket with fleece lin...
Prices from 111.90 €

Guideline Chest Waders Alta Sonic Tizip Wader

The new generation of our premium waders has undergone a tot...
Prices from 712.14 €

DAM Dryzone Neoprene Chest Waders

• 4mm Neoprene wader • Super soft and flexible • Japanese...
Prices from 120.24 €

DAM Dryzone Breathable Chestwader

• 3-layer 100% Polyester construction • Waterproof by 15.00...
Prices from 104.52 €

Guideline Experience Support Belt

Experience Support Belt is our new wader belt, developed wit...
Prices from 61.19 €


- Superior 4.5mm thick neoprene with great stretchability -...
Prices from 142.86 €

Jaxon Insulation inserts AB-KFB

Additional thermal insulation to wellingtons and waders ensu...
Prices from 12.38 €

Stormsure STORMSURE - Adhesives, patches, tapes

Stormsure Adhesive - Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesives. To...
Prices from 6.43 €

Loon Outdoors Loon UV wader repair

This product was found to be easily applied to the area need...
Prices from 9.29 €

Jaxon Neoprene waders

Chest-high waders, made of 4,5 mm thick neoprene. Indispensa...
Prices from 117.86 €

DAM Hydroforce Hiperwader Nylon/Taslan

The Hydroforce neoprene hip waders have the same quality fea...
Prices from 57.62 €

Jaxon Waders Prestige Plus

Waders Prestige Plus Jaxon
Prices from 47.62 €

Jaxon Waders Prestige

Jaxon Waders Prestige
Prices from 54.52 €

Jaxon Hip waders Prestige Plus

Hip waders Prestige Plus Jaxon
Prices from 50.95 €

DAM Hydroforce Nylon/Taslan Chestwader

Hydroforce Nylon-Taslan chest waders are a completely new ge...
Prices from 73.33 €
Fishing waders are the basic equipment of many spinning and fly fishermen, but not only. Fishing waders are also used by carp anglers when picking up huge carps, baiting or entering a pontoon. Anglers who fish in rivers with a float flow often stand in the water. Quite simply, waders are needed in virtually every method and in various situations on the water.

Breathable waders

For anglers who value quality and comfort of use, breathable chest waders are the best. For their production, special breathable membranes were used, which on the one hand transport moisture to the outside of the waders (on warm spring or summer days they are the best waders!), And on the other hand, they are waterproof. Depending on the quality of the membrane, breathable waders can have a different number of layers and a different level of breathability and water resistance. Quality and high comfort cost money.

Neoprene waders:

The second option is neoprene chest waders, which are made of neoprene foam. This foam perfectly insulates against the cold and is often chosen by fishermen who fish in cold rivers or in late autumn or winter. These are very good waders for spinning anglers who fish for sea trout or Danube salmon, and more.