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DAM Rods Sensomatch Pole

The Sensomatch poles are made of high quality carbon. You wi...
Prices from 81.41 €

DAM Intenze Carp Pole Rods

• Lightweight carbon poles • Incredibly strong and robust a...
Prices from 129.18 €

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Crystal Pole

CRYSTAL POLE Float fishing is very popular in many countries...
Prices from 324.71 €
The poles are highly specialized non-guided fishing rods with a length of up to 13.5 m. They are used to catch the so-called the method of shortened set, which ensures perfect control of the lure.
Made of high-quality carbon fibers, most often used during fishing competitions. Handling them requires skill and experience, but they compensate for it with the precision of fishing. The possibility of arming them with various endings, the so-called tops make them a powerful weapon. They work with various shock absorbers that will allow you to haul out any fish, and arming the pole with a top with a cup will allow for discreet and precise feeding of the groundbait directly to the catch site.