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Float, bomb and feeder fishing accessories
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Jaxon Anti-tangle bent tubes

Jaxon Anti-tangle bent tubes
New 2024!
Prices from 0.81 €

Jaxon Silicone tubing

Jaxon Silicone tubing
New 2024!
Diameters from 0.5 to 1.5 mm.
Prices from 2.48 €

Stonfo Tubing

Prices from 3.38 €

Jaxon Set of rubber stoppers

Jaxon Set of rubber stoppers
New 2024!
Prices from 1.38 €

Jaxon Extendable rubber stoppers

Jaxon Extendable rubber stoppers
New 2024!
Prices from 0.71 €

Preston Bung Twin Kit

Preston Bung Twin Kit
New 2024!
Preston bungs allow the elastic to be tensioned perfectly by...
Prices from 4.46 €

Flagman Twisted Elastic Feeder Rigs

Flagman Twisted Elastic Feeder Rigs
New 2024!
Prices from 1.31 €

Matrix Feeder Links

Designed for fishing a free-running rig Stiff lin...
Prices from 3.93 €

Matrix Hooklength Swivels

Ultra-durable design Anti-corrosion coating Fi...
Prices from 2.98 €

Preston Quick Change Swivels

The Quick Change Swivels are available in two sizes; small a...
Prices from 2.96 €

Stonfo Dacron Connector Kit

The Dacron Connector allows a quick connection between the l...
Prices from 4.43 €

Stonfo Box with winders 733-737

Shockproof plastic boxes with various sizes of Stonfo winder...
Prices from 16.90 €

Stonfo Float Caps 731

Very light elastic rubber caps in fluorescent color. Inserte...
Prices from 5.36 €

Jaxon Feeder Gum

Prices from 4.38 €

Dragon Waterproof Phone CASE

Protection when fishing during rainy day or during deep wadi...
Prices from 10.36 €

Delphin Slim Drill

The Delphin SLIM Drill is a feeder drill designed for drilli...
Prices from 2.62 €

Delphin Needle Slim Safety

The Delphin SLIM Safety is a very thin feeder needle designe...
Prices from 3.17 €

Drennan Feeder Gum

Drennan Feeder Gum is an ideal shock absorber for hooklength...
Prices from 8.21 €

Jaxon Anti Tangle Tubes Lux

Stiff, curved anti-tangle tubes Lux.
Prices from 1.29 €

GURU Super Tight Line Stops

Multi-purpose, compact line stops that have a super tight fi...
Prices from 4.38 €

Jaxon Needles

Prices from 0.86 €

Stonfo Starlight Holders

Starlight Holders
Prices from 2.62 €

Delphin Needles and drill set Slim

A set at an affordable price consisting of two feeder needle...
Prices from 6.79 €

Jaxon Sbirolino

Sbirulino (also called Spirolino) are used to reach fishes f...
Prices from 1.24 €

Preston Soft Cad Pot - Paste

Designed to make paste fishing super simple, the Paste Soft...
Prices from 5.89 €

Preston Bait Sprayer

With an adjustable brass nozzle to regulate the flow of wate...
Prices from 12.64 €

Preston Pellet Waggler Kit

The new and improved Pellet Waggler Kit is perfect for secur...
Prices from 3.26 €

Preston Floater Disgorger Knot Picker

The Floater Disgorger Knot Picker features a double ended di...
Prices from 3.90 €

Preston Big Float Waggler Adaptors

Designed for use with loaded splasher wagglers where locking...
Prices from 4.82 €

Preston Waggler Adaptors

The soft plastic Waggler Adaptor is designed for attaching l...
Prices from 4.82 €

Stonfo Beads

Prices from 1.76 €

Jaxon Bait Box Set RH-314

Complet of containers. Dimensions: 14/9 cm.
Prices from 7.62 €

Jaxon Scissors for baits

Scissors designed for cuting bait.
Prices from 3.38 €

GURU Sprinkle Lid

- Quick load sprinkle lids - Ideal for feeding pellets and...
Prices from 1.43 €

GURU Rig Scissors

Featuring fluorescent coloured handles making them easy to l...
Prices from 11.19 €
Float fishing has a huge crowd of supporters, both among professionals and recreational anglers. Probably each of us has had contact with this beautiful method, and for many, the calmly swaying float on the lake's surface was the first contact with this beautiful hobby. Regardless of the level of advancement, it must be admitted that the devil is in the details and they are the factors that determine the comfort and effectiveness of our fishing.
That is why our offer includes all the necessary fishing accessories for all types of float fishing - from the match method, bolognese, to the pole.
Here you will find various types of accessories for float anglers.