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Strike Pro Catchy

Strike Pro Catchy
New 2024!
Prices from 25.48 €

Prorex Hybrid Swimbait Lures

The new DAIWA Prorex Hybrid Swimbait combines highest qualit...
Prices from 8.57 €

Illex Dowz Swimmer 220 SF

The DOWZSWIMMER 220 SF is a three section lure featuring a l...
Prices from 85.71 €

Rapala Super Shadow Rap Glide

Rapala Super Shadow Rap Glide
New 2024!
The pike favorite has learned new tricks. The Super Shadow R...
Prices from 22.86 €

Molix Glide Bait 178

A step forward in the glide baits wonder world. It’s a reali...
Prices from 29.29 €

Molix Glide Bait 178 Lip

Molix Glide Bait 178 Lip
New 2024!
The Glide 178 Lip lets you fish with a swimbait even in wind...
Prices from 30.95 €

Molix Glide Bait 140 Lip

Molix Glide Bait 140 Lip
New 2024!
The Glide Bait 140 Lip is an extremely functional swimbait...
Prices from 30.95 €

Molix Glide Bait 140

Molix Glide Bait 140
New 2024!
The Glide Bait 140 is a swimbait with an attractive and func...
Prices from 30.48 €

Molix Glide Bait 130

Molix Glide Bait 130
New 2024!
A step forward in the glide baits wonder world. It’s a reali...
Prices from 24.52 €

Shimano Exsence Armajoint 190S

Shimano Exsence Armajoint 190S
New 2024!
A modern, swimbait-type hard lure, equipped with reinforced,...
Prices from 32.86 €

Shimano Yasei Soul Swim

The Yasei Soul Swim is a versatile, slow sinking jointed swi...
Prices from 19.29 €

Shimano Exsence Armajoint 190F FlashBoost

The Exsence Armajoint 190F is a highly technical swimming j...
Prices from 32.62 €

Madotachi Hanitas

Prices from 57.86 €

Illex Gantia 180

This hyper-realistic lure is segmented into 4 sections with...
Prices from 58.81 €

Gunki Scunner 175 S Twin

The SCUNNER 175 S is a two part Gunki swimbait. Compact yet...
Prices from 27.14 €

Jaxon Lures Atract Multi-Parts XMP-A

ATRACT MULTI-PARTS XMP-A Multipart wobblers with higher body...
Prices from 8.57 €

Jaxon Lures Atract Multi-Parts XMP-I

ATRACT MULTI-PARTS XMP-I Wobbler that ideally imitates small...
Prices from 10.95 €

Strike Pro X-Buster

Strike Pro X-Buster is a new swimbait/glide bait. A jointed...
Prices from 17.38 €

Gunki Lures Scunner 135 S Twin

This two-part swimbait was developed from the original desig...
Prices from 12.62 €

Westin HypoTeez HL/GB Hard lures

He glides to the left, he glides to the right, that HypoTeez...
Prices from 15.71 €

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk - Based on a 3D Scan of a R...
Prices from 14.40 €

Jaxon Lures Atract Multi-parts XMP-E

Lipless roach shape wobbler. Slow sinking. Recommended type...
Prices from 5.83 €

Jaxon Lures Atract Multi-Parts XMP-G

ATRACT MULTI-PARTS XMP-G Lipless dace or roach like wobblers...
Prices from 7.14 €

Illex Freddy 170 CW

Our widely imitated but never equalled ‘FREDDY’ 170 Catwalk...
Prices from 21.90 €

Shimano Lures Bantam BT Sraptor

The BT Sraptor has a unique ‘Escape swimming action’ caused...
Prices from 34.52 €

Illex Lures Freddy 130 CW

New size of the FREDDY CATWALK, our legendary silent 2 secti...
Prices from 17.14 €

Jenzi Natural-Glider

Absolute Realistic Looking Fish. Each individual “Natural Gl...
Prices from 14.05 €

Jenzi Jeronimo Trout

Special features of Jeronimo Trout: Body: The realistic de...
Prices from 12.38 €

Jenzi Jeronimo Pike

Features - Lifelike finish due to natural looking 3DPhotop...
Prices from 16.90 €

Jenzi Multi-Glider 15S

4-piece successful wobbler in 15 cm length. An ideal bait fo...
Prices from 14.52 €

Jenzi Jeronimo Bass

JERONIMO Body: Due to the realistic shape and coloration, it...
Prices from 24.76 €

Jenzi Jimmy

The perfection of a natural prey-fish. Small, large pike, za...
Prices from 15.24 €

Jenzi Jeronimo Junior

Realistic 6-section baitfish in 3D-photoprint finish. Featu...
Prices from 12.38 €

Jenzi Jeronimo Magic-Glider

JERONIMO Magic-Glider Realistic 6-section baitfish in 3D-pho...
Prices from 12.38 €

Jenzi Corrigator Tiger-Lure

Type of movement: A plug without a dive shovel - THAT`S RIGH...
Prices from 19.52 €

Jenzi Jeronimo 4-Section Trout

Jenzi Jeronimo 4-Section Trout - Realistic 4-section Trout i...
Prices from 15.00 €

Tiemco Hecate 6

Hecate 6 is a 5 piece joint hard bait. It makes wiggly actio...
Prices from 17.62 €

Tiemco Hard Baits Hecate 7

Multi jointed hard bait with a new dimentional concept. Heca...
Prices from 17.62 €

Shimano Bantam BT Bait

The Bantam BT Bait is a micro jointed hardbait with a soft,...
Prices from 16.67 €