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Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman

Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman
New 2024!
The starter model from the DAIWA Match & Feeder reels – insp...
Prices from 49.01 €

DAM Quick Impulse 4 OTT

If you’re an all-round angler, then constantly changing kit...
Prices from 40.24 €

DAM Quick Impulse 4 Match

When match fishing, you need kit you can rely on to stay ahe...
Prices from 32.94 €

Dragon Reels Megabaits Team Match FD

• Body and rotor made of titanium-graphite composite NCRT...
Prices from 92.61 €

Preston Centris NT

The Centris NT reels have been in development for over 2 yea...
Prices from 152.94 €

Daiwa Tournament QD Reels

Ultra-strong match and feeder reel for highest demands. With...
Prices from 338.82 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 4 FD METHOD

Reels Quick 4 FD METHOD are new development in the entire Qu...
Prices from 88.71 €

Daiwa N'Zon Reels N‘Zon Plus LT

The new N´Zon Plus reel series also features the LT concept...
Prices from 185.18 €

Daiwa TDM QD Reels

Reels Daiwa TDM QD developed for match and feeder fishing. C...
Prices from 168.00 €

Okuma Reels Carbonite Match

• Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor • 1+1 ball be...
Prices from 18.82 €

Daiwa Reels TDR Match & Feeder

The TDR Match & Feeder series offers a multitude of technica...
Prices from 213.97 €

Daiwa Ninja Match & Feeder LT Reels

The new Ninja Match & Feeder LT convinces optically as well...
Prices from 76.60 €

Okuma Reels Carbonite V2 Match RD & FD

• Corrosion-resistant graphite body • CFR : Cyclonic Flow R...
Prices from 28.24 €

Ryobi Reels Oasys Match FD

- body, side plate and rotor - graphite composite - CNC mac...
Prices from 61.96 €
The match method - in a nutshell - is based on precise fishing with float at medium and long distances. To do this, a relatively light set has to be sent a considerable distance. Thanks to the use of a suitably heavy float, the so-called waggler and precisely placed load, we are able to make repeatable throws even at very long distances.
Match reels, i.e. highly specialized reels dedicated to distance methods, come to the rescue.
Distance reels are characterized by a relatively large gear ratio, which allows for a large amount of winding, and a shallow, but wide spool that allows for long casts.
Another important element of the match fishing reel is the precise drag, which will allow for successful hauling even with thin lines.