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Pre-Rigged Soft plastic lures
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FOX Rage Loaded Jointed Pro Shads

FOX Rage Loaded Jointed Pro Shads
New 2024!
Prices from 6.67 €

Prorex V-Marley Pelagic Shad

Prorex V-Marley Pelagic Shad
New 2024!
This new and very catchy pelagic and vertical lure combines...
Prices from 12.14 €

Delalande SHAD GT (rigged)

The first time you launch a SHAD GT and like a lot of angler...
Prices from 6.90 €

Delalande Neo Shad

The swimming of this lure is simply bluffing! In fact, you w...
Prices from 6.67 €

Delalande SKELETON (mounted)

In recent years, skeleton has established itself in the soft...
Prices from 5.60 €

Delalande Zand Fat (mounted)

Flagship novelty of the year 2023, the Zand fat is a shad bo...
Prices from 7.14 €

Delalande NÉO SHALLOW (Texan)

The Neo Shallow is a lure which, as its name suggests, was d...
Prices from 8.21 €

Delalande Zand Curly Pre Rigged

Delalande Zand Curly Pre Rigged
New 2024!
The Zand Curly is mainly designed for freshwater fishing. Th...
Prices from 7.86 €

Delalande Flying Fish

Delalande Flying Fish
New 2024!
Designed specifically for lovers of sea fishing and mainly b...
Prices from 7.62 €

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Rattle Trout

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Rattle Trout
New 2024!
Limited reintroduction of the popular Savage Gear Rattle Tro...
Prices from 16.90 €

FOX Rage Super Natural Replicant Carp 15 & 20cm

FOX Rage Super Natural Replicant Carp 15 & 20cm
New 2024!
New sizes of our hugely popular Replicant Carp series...
Prices from 14.64 €

FOX Rage Replicant Jointed

FOX Rage Replicant Jointed
New 2024!
Prices from 12.38 €

Westin BullTeez R 'N R

Want to catch a big one? Then the BullTeez R 'N R is the ult...
Prices from 6.19 €

Westin TwinTeez Pelagic V-Tail R'N'R

Based upon the legendary TwinTeez, the TwinTeez Pelagic brin...
Prices from 13.57 €

Westin BullTeez R'N R Water Mix

Want to catch a big one? Then the BullTeez R 'N R is the ult...
Prices from 7.62 €

Delalande Sandra (Jig head mount)

This legendary lure allows the capture of all predators in t...
Prices from 5.48 €

Westin Ricky the Roach R 'N R Water Mix

Watch your speed with this incarnation of Ricky the Roach R...
Prices from 7.62 €

FOX Rage Replicant Jointed Super Natural Tench

The Fox Rage Super Natural range grows further with the addi...
Prices from 12.86 €

Westin Shadteez Slim R `N R

This slim and slender R 'N R lure is sure to have your targe...
Prices from 5.71 €

Westin ShadTeez Rigged 'N Ready

Puts other shads in the shadow, ShadTeez R 'N R is perfected...
Prices from 5.71 €

FOX Rage Replicant Catfish

A new addition to the legendary Realistic Replicant range, t...
Prices from 9.40 €

Delalande Chabot

Although it is the name of a small groundfish, the shad by t...
Prices from 4.52 €

Delalande Speed Slim

The Speed ​​Slim is a shad with a thin and elongated body th...
Prices from 5.24 €

Delalande Swat Shad

This triangular shad that moves a lot of water and has great...
Prices from 5.00 €

Delalande Toupti Shad

The Touptishad is a small revolution in the Delalande range,...
Prices from 8.81 €

SPRO IRIS Popeye To Go

Our popular Popeye's pre-rigged! Predator fishing has never...
Prices from 5.60 €

SPRO IRIS The Frog To Go

Iris The Frog is a super realistic softbait imitation of a r...
Prices from 7.14 €

Savage Gear Cannibal Shad Mix

Arguably one of the most popular paddle tail shad lures on t...
Prices from 6.90 €

Jackson Lures Quiet Beats

With its short pitch vibes, it attracts wide range of fish i...
Prices from 4.52 €

Jenzi Sundance XPX

This bait can be used as a wobbler, troll, or spin-bait. You...
Prices from 12.26 €

Jenzi Big Trout Soft-Köder

Realistic Trout Original Shape. • Real Trout Replica – hand...
Prices from 9.29 €

Savage Gear Fat Minnow T-Tail RTF

Based on a common minnow, with perfect crafted details and i...
Prices from 11.43 €

Quantum Pelagic Shad Set HAIRY

Finally, they are here! Pelagic Shads are now indispensable...
Prices from 15.00 €

Quantum Pelagic Shad Set PIN

Finally, they are here! Pelagic Shads are now indispensable...
Prices from 14.05 €

FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout

The Fox Rage Replicant family expands further with this incr...
Prices from 13.81 €

FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout Jointed

Now in the awesome Replicant Trout format, this jointed lure...
Prices from 11.79 €

FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout Jointed Shallow

The power of the brilliant Jointed Trout Replicant goes shal...
Prices from 13.10 €

Molix Soft Baits RT FLIP TAIL

The new Molix RT FLIP TAIL is extremely lifelike, the perfec...
Prices from 8.69 €

Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike

A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative...
Prices from 19.29 €

Illex Soft baits Grinch

The Grinch is a hybrid surface lure- half frog, half shad! T...
Prices from 20.71 €

Savage Gear Lures Crazy Swim Jigs

Bring a little craziness to your next fishing trip with thes...
Prices from 7.62 €

Savage Gear Lures DC Slide Gill

A crisp walking hollow belly bluegill designed with dual cha...
Prices from 7.86 €
Soft baits with hooks and weights are extremely effective spinning lures with a wide range of applications. Factory-made equipment guarantees optimal operation, which makes the lures easy to use, and thus - very effective. High-class components, with which producers equip their lures, ensure high efficiency of hooking and safe fishing. A wide range of models will allow you to choose the lure to all conditions in the fishery.
The offer of soft lures from renowned manufacturers such as: Savage Gear, DAM Effzett or Westin.