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Korum Camo Feeder Pack

Korum Camo Feeder Pack
New 2024!
These new interchangeable feeders enable you to offer a vari...
Prices from 9.52 €

Delphin Method QUIX

Delphin Method QUIX
New 2024!
A high end method feeder designed by Delphin development tea...
Prices from 1.55 €

Matrix Alloy Method Feeders

Available in 6 sizes: Small 15g & 25g, Medium 30g & 40g,...
Prices from 3.48 €

Korum Camo Window Feeders

These new interchangeable Window Feeders enable you to offer...
Prices from 2.95 €

Korum Camo Grub Feeders

These new interchangeable Grub Feeders take tackle concealme...
Prices from 2.86 €

Preston ICM In-Line Banjo XR Feeders

The In-Line Banjo XR Feeder is an evolution from the popular...
Prices from 4.00 €

Delphin Feeder Set Magma MTD

The set of the most used feeders for a successful fishing wi...
Prices from 6.31 €

Preston Quick Release Method Mould - Mini

Designed to be compatible with the ICS Inline Dura Flat Meth...
Prices from 5.36 €

Preston Ics Inline Dura Flat Method Feeder - Mini

Building on the success of the ICS Dura Flat Method Feeders,...
Prices from 3.57 €

Drennan Method Connectors

These quick-change Drennan Method Connectors allow you to qu...
Prices from 4.19 €

Preston ICS In-Line Distance Method Feeders

Designed with distance in mind, the aerodynamic shape and he...
Prices from 3.57 €

Preston Elasticated Flat Method Feeders

Very similar to the In-Line Flat Method Feeder in both size...
Prices from 3.81 €

Preston ICS Distance Method Mould

Use in conjunction with the ICS Inline Distance Method Feede...
Prices from 4.76 €

Avid Carp Method Feeders

The Flatbed Method Feeders allow you to present a parcel of...
Prices from 7.38 €

Preston ICS In-Line Banjo XR Feeders

The In-Line Banjo XR Feeder is an evolution from the popular...
Prices from 3.57 €

Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeders

Can be used on their own or as part of a system with the Qui...
Prices from 3.33 €

Preston In-Line Dura Flat Method Feeders

The In-Line Dura Flat Method is the perfect feeder option fo...
Prices from 3.57 €

Preston ICS In-Line Banjo XR Moulds

The Banjo XR Moulds ensure that you use the correct amount o...
Prices from 4.76 €

Preston Quick Release Method Moulds

The new quick release method mould is the perfect mould for...
Prices from 5.24 €

Avid Carp Carp Method Feeder Mould

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Avid Flatbed Fee...
Prices from 6.67 €

Mivardi Feeders Method Feeder Zinc

A top level method feeder with the body cast from one piece...
Prices from 3.38 €

Mivardi Method Feeder Premium

Precisely manufactured method feeder. The body is made made...
Prices from 2.48 €

Mivardi Method Feeder Mould

High-quality feeder mould in reflective orange colour. The n...
Prices from 3.62 €

GURU Speed Beads

This ingenious little bead has been designed solely to help...
Prices from 5.12 €

GURU X-Safe Quick Change Elastics

The stems fit Guru all Guru feeders and the inline lead rang...
Prices from 6.55 €

GURU In-line Pellet Feeders

Designed for use with softened pellets up to 4mm, the Guru P...
Prices from 5.12 €

GURU X-safe Pellet Feeders

Purpose designed for use with all softened, wetted pellets u...
Prices from 4.33 €

GURU X-Press Method Mould

In order to make the best, most consistent method balls that...
Prices from 3.10 €

GURU X-Safe Elastics

A unique, fully interchangeable tube system allows you to sw...
Prices from 3.10 €

GURU X-safe Method Feeders

A revolutionary advancement in design has brought Guru Metho...
Prices from 4.43 €

GURU In-line Method Feeder

Guru’s In-Line Feeder system gives you all the benefits of t...
Prices from 3.52 €

GURU Hybrid Feeders

The unique design features a contoured, raised lip that keep...
Prices from 2.62 €

GURU In-line Hybrid Feeders

This clever product is the brainchild of Guru-backed matchma...
Prices from 5.12 €

GURU Gripper Feeder

With their interchangeable tube system, Guru Gripper Feeders...
Prices from 4.88 €

Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder

Set: feeder + mold + connector.
Prices from 8.10 €
The devil is in the details, which apparently include method feeders and the accessories necessary for its assembly. The very shape of the feeder and the way it is loaded is responsible for a kind of revolution in fishing all over the world.
We present a wide range of method feeders, thanks to which it will be possible to adjust the shape and type of feeder to the conditions on the fishery and to effective groundbait.
There are classic flat method feeders, feeders with a damper, feeders with a higher edge (for use in deeper water), semi-closed feeders for use with pellets and others.
In our store you can buy method feeders of recognized competition brands Preston, Guru, Drennan, Middy, Trabucco and others.