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Preston Ignition Carp Feeder Rods

A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any comme...
Prices from 70.12 €

DAM Rods Base-X Multipicker

The lightweight, slim and sensitive fibreglass blank of the...
Prices from 24.71 €

DAM DETEK Picker Rods

The DAM DETEK Picker has an extremely lightweight and semi-p...
Prices from 64.71 €

DAM Rods Spezi Stick II Picker

The DAM Spezi Stick II rods are the latest generation of one...
Prices from 43.06 €

DAM Rods Sensomax II Picker

The DAM Sensomax Picker rods are the perfect choice for targ...
Prices from 47.53 €

DAM Rods Sensomax II Quiver

The DAM Sensomax Quiver rods are the perfect choice for targ...
Prices from 45.65 €
Picker is another type of rod with a quiver tip. Compared to classic feeder rods, picker rods are a bit shorter and more sophisticated. They have been adapted for precise feeding of the set and for short and medium distance fishing on still water. The rod usually does not exceed 3m in length, and the low casting weights work great with the lightest cage feeders and light weights.
Pickers are great rods for smaller carp species, such as crucian carp, bream, silver bream, roach, smaller carp and others.