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Fishing Umbrellas
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Delphin Umbrella holder

Delphin umbrella holder with a drill is made of steel. Thank...
Prices from 7.53 €

Prologic C-series 65 SSSB Brolly

Conventional brollies just got bigger and better. Using our...
Prices from 65.41 €

Prologic C-series 55 Tilt Brolly

Constructed using our durable 190D fabric with fully taped s...
Prices from 57.41 €

Preston Umbrellas Space Maker Multi Brolly

New and improved Space Maker Multi Brolly provides you with...
Prices from 120.24 €

Jaxon Fishing umbrellas with cover Variant Camou

Fishing umbrella with full 360° protection. In this model, t...
Prices from 62.12 €

Jaxon Fishing umbrellas PVC/NYLON

Umbrellas made of Nylon + PVC protect from the rain, however...
Prices from 30.59 €

Jaxon Fishing umbrella AK-PLX150C

Large fishing umbrella with shelter covering from rain and w...
Prices from 54.12 €

Jaxon Fishing umbrella with shield AK-PLX125C

Large umbrellas with shield that protects from wind and rain...
Prices from 61.65 €

Jaxon Fishing umbrellas with cover

A line of new fishing umbrellas with covers fastened by mean...
Prices from 68.24 €

DAM Umbrellas

UMBRELLA TENT Multi functional and high quality umbrella te...
Prices from 36.24 €
The umbrella is a popular equipment of many anglers who fish with a float or other coarse fishing methods. The fishing umbrella primarily allows us to shelter from the sun and rain during short sessions.
The assortment includes large 3m fishing umbrellas (please remember that the diameter is measured before unfolding the umbrella), classic standard sizes fish umbrellas and the increasingly popular fishing umbrellas with cover.
The fishing umbrella with sides is available in two versions: with a 2/3 circumference cover and fully closed. The cover can be full, but there are also models with transparent windows or mosquito nets.
It is worth buying an additional base / holder to the umbrella, which makes it much easier to attach the umbrella.