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Loyalty program

The Customer receives points for the purchased products (18.75 EUR = 1 point). The points are added to the Customer’s account (to be reviewed by logging in on the site Loyalty program. Points are not charged for products with a special price.
The Customer can exchange points for prizes listed in the Loyalty program section. The prizes start at 10 points.

The number of available prizes automatically increases with the number of points on the Customer’s account, which increase with every purchase.

How to place an order for prizes:
1. Go to the Loyalty program section, the link is available in the upper horizontal menu.

2. Select the appropriate section with prizes. It will show the available prizes on the basis of the number of points accumulated on the account.

3. After selecting a prize, click the green link.

4. The selected prize has been added to the shopping cart.

5. After sending the order, the appropriate number of points for the prize(s) will be subtracted from the account.

The prizes selected by the Customer are always sent together with an order for fishing equipment.

The prizes are awarded only if the submissions are made via the store. Prizes are not awarded if the submissions are sent via e-mail or if the request is written in the comments section of an order.

The loyalty points are not awarded if an order received a discount or if the product was given free of charge.

Loyalty points are also not awarded if orders are submitted via e-mail or through a phone call.