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Maros-Mix Pickled Sweetcorn

The pickled sweetcorn is to be used on a bait-spike or as a...
Prices from 1.88 €

Maros-Mix Mega Corn

Maros Mega Corn is a proven hook bait with extremely wide fl...
Prices from 3.11 €

Maros-Mix Sweet Corn

Maros Sweet Corn is a proven hook bait with extremely wide f...
Prices from 1.41 €

Maros-Mix Hard Corn

It is an old, proven hook bait, the special feature of which...
Prices from 2.35 €

BaitZone Blitz Mix

The BLITZ MIX contains crushed Hemp, Maize, Tigernuts and a...
Prices from 4.71 €

BaitZone Hemp Mash

The Hemp Mash is 100% PVA friendly and has many uses. You ca...
Prices from 4.71 €

StarBaits Pop Up Fake Corn

Beautifully formed little corns, in 3 sizes and in 4 colours...
Prices from 1.65 €


Selected highest quality prepared bait seed. Excellent for g...
Prices from 1.08 €

Carp Zoom Amur XXL Corn

Selected XXL corn with spirulina. Pack 125 g.
Prices from 4.94 €

Jaxon Corn Giant Method Ground

Specially selected maize in a very large size. It works grea...
Prices from 4.56 €

FOX Bait and Glug Tubs

Designed for secure storage of all hook baits Fox Bait Tubs...
Prices from 10.59 €

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed

- Frenzied Hempseed with pre-shelled juicy snails cooked in...
Prices from 7.06 €

Carp Zoom Amur Pearl Corn Floating

Floating corn in green colour and algae flavour, great for g...
Prices from 2.96 €

Jaxon Protein Cakes Premium

For those of you who are looking for high quality lures , bu...
Prices from 3.62 €

Jaxon Corn Pro Carp

Highest quality, large hand-husked corn for fishing. Intense...
Prices from 4.19 €
Groundbait grains that are an extremely effective bait for large carp, grass carp, as well as bream, tench and crucian carp. They are perfect as bait for unsuspecting fish.
Hook pastes are an excellent alternative to fishing pellets or natural baits. The wide range of aromas and the ease of shaping will make this product an excellent lure both during a longer session and during a spontaneous trip to the water.