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Delphin Fluo dip D SNAX LiquiX

LiquiX is a fluorescent dip that will make your bait even mo...
Prices from 6.67 €

Maros-Mix CSL Liquids

CSL attractants are available in bottles of 500 ml. Its sour...
Prices from 4.71 €

Maros-Mix Extra Activator

These oil-based liquid attractants in 250 ml bottles come in...
Prices from 2.86 €

Osmo Innovation Baits Liquids Juice

Our liquids are not only aroma with water but also nutrients...
Prices from 10.12 €

Match Pro Top Method Booster

Top-quality boosters developed by leading method feeder play...
Prices from 3.26 €

Korda Kiana Carp Goo Attract

In carp fishing, there are generally two types of angler. Th...
Prices from 11.90 €

Jaxon Boosters Method Feeder FM-BU

Liquid flavour additives to enhance baits or groundbaits. PV...
Prices from 6.07 €
Perfectly known to all carp enthusiasts, flavor and aroma additives that are perfect for fishing with the use of method feeder.
Dip is an additive in liquid or gel form with a very intense fragrance. This is due to the high concentration of attractors and flavor enhancers. They are most often used for soaking baits - from worms to grains, and ending with balls. The effect of long-lasting dipping of the ball in the dip will harden its surface and create a characteristic crust, which, under the influence of water, will release an aroma that the carp will not be able to resist.
Boosters are flavor and aroma attractors in a liquid form, which due to their lower density are used to impart flavor to groundbaits, grains, pellets or groundbait balls. Unlike a dip, the booster is well absorbed by the bait balls, giving them the desired flavor and aroma.