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Preston Precision Pellet Waggler Floats

As the name suggests the Precision Pellet Wagglers fly like...
Prices from 2.59 €

Expert Floats 206-07

Prices from 5.18 €

Expert Floats 206-06

Prices from 2.64 €

Expert Floats 206-05

Prices from 1.46 €

Cralusso Torpedo River Float

The Cralusso Torpedo is a new hydrodynamic float form develo...
Prices from 5.41 €

Jaxon Bubble Floats

Prices from 1.46 €

Expert Live bait floats 204-58 & 204-59

Live bait floats made of polystyrene with a central passage....
Prices from 3.91 €

Expert Floats 204-57

Prices from 3.91 €

Milo Waggler Floats

Prices from 5.06 €

MAVER Invincible Float Series 6

A super slim and highly sensitive body shape that features a...
Prices from 3.01 €

Jaxon Floats: SFS; SM; SMC; SMS

Floats type: SFS; SM; SMC; SMS
Prices from 2.82 €

Jaxon Floats RM

Prices from 3.11 €

Jaxon Floats RE

Prices from 3.20 €

Jaxon Floats SJ-SF

Prices from 3.11 €

Jaxon Floats KRC

Prices from 3.25 €

Jaxon Floats JI

Prices from 3.11 €

Jaxon Floats JL

Prices from 2.78 €

Expert Floats 204

Prices from 0.94 €

Expert Floats 203-10

Prices from 13.41 €

Expert Floats 202

Prices from 0.94 €

Expert Floats 201

Prices from 0.71 €
Float is almost a symbol of float fishing and many of us started our adventure with this method - watching a colorful float lazily swinging on the surface of the water. Its selection and adjustment to the prevailing conditions is one of the key skills.
Pass-through floats (with or without preload) are mainly used on still water, they have very good casting properties and relatively high displacement.
For the pole or in the method of a shortened rig (for a pole), the best will be floats fixed, delicate, with a thin and long keel and sophisticated antennae.
On water with a greater pull - such as a river or canal - bulging floats with thick antennas will be perfect.
Our offer includes floats dedicated to all float fishing methods.