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Sea accessories

Dega Flashlight for leader rigs

Flashlight A fish catching additive for leader rigs. The fla...
Prices from 8.82 €

Savage Gear Jig Bag

Keep your saltwater fishing gear tidy and organised with thi...
Prices from 20.00 €

Savage Gear Jig Roll-Up

Keep your saltwater fishing gear tidy and organised with thi...
Prices from 12.94 €

Stonfo Beads for paternoster rig

Popularity of sea fishing is growing from strength to streng...
Prices from 2.68 €

Jaxon QBS Beads

Prices from 0.75 €

Savage Gear Micro Assist Hooks

Our micro assist hook range is specially designed to fit per...
Prices from 10.35 €

Jaxon Sets of two hooks for pilkers

Sets of two free hooks for pilkers. In free drop hooks will...
Prices from 1.65 €

Jaxon Sea lead CK-AE

Prices from 2.02 €


Technical leads used for rigs with attached.
Prices from 1.32 €

Jaxon Gaff

Gaffs for big predator.
Prices from 11.06 €

Jaxon Scraper to the fish

Available two models of scrapers to fish.
Prices from 6.24 €

Dragon Trolling fluorocarbon leader rigging of dead fish

120 centimeters fluocarbon with Dragon Spinn Lock snaps with...
Prices from 3.11 €

Jaxon Sea belts

Hip/Sea belts designed for posture stabilisation in the cour...
Prices from 13.41 €

Jaxon Luminescent beads

For creating rigs. Fluorescent.
Prices from 2.59 €

DAM DAM Line Coutner

Practical line-counter with a high impact and salt water res...
Prices from 17.41 €
The devil is in the details and they are the factors that determine the comfort, which, combined with ergonomics, increase the effectiveness and comfort of fishing. That is why we present small sea accessories that will make fishing more comfortable. We offer fishing accessories such as weights, line counters, sticks for stunning fish, hook sharpeners and clips, thanks to which the necessary accessories will always be at hand.