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Baitrunner freespool carp reels
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Okuma Reels T-Rex 7000

• SRS : Solid Reel System • Crossover Construction design...
Prices from

Shimano Baitrunner XTB

The Big- and Medium Baitrunners are back and they are fully...
Prices from 232.94 €

Daiwa Emblem BR

Power freespool by DAIWA. The Emblem BR 10000 offers enor...
Prices from 185.65 €

Prologic Fulcrum BF reels

Super strong and dripping with style, the Prologic Fulcrum r...
Prices from 71.76 €

DAM Quick Runshift 4DH FS

Versatility is the name of the game with the Quick Runshift...
Prices from 42.35 €

DAM Quick Panthera 4S FS

With the same high-quality features and benefits as the othe...
Prices from 37.18 €

DAM Quick Runshift 6 FS

The Runshift 6 lays claim to being probably the greatest fre...
Prices from 40.71 €

DAM Quick Shadow 7QF

We’ve poured all our carp fishing expertise and know-how int...
Prices from 88.71 €

DAM Quick Runshift 3L FS + CAMO LINE

The most competitively priced Quick free spool reel we make...
Prices from 29.65 €

DAM Quick Reels Runshift 3 FS

The most competitively priced Quick free spool reel we make...
Prices from 24.71 €

DAM Quick Reels Runshift 3QF FS

The Runshift 3QF FS is a special version of the popular Quic...
Prices from 17.65 €

DAM Quick Reels Runshift 3A FS

The most competitively priced Quick free spool reel we make...
Prices from 16.47 €

DAM Quick Reels Runshift 4 FS

A Quick freespool reel designed specifically for the demandi...
Prices from 29.65 €

DAM Quick Reels Shadow 7 SLS FS

We’ve poured all our carp fishing expertise and know-how int...
Prices from 100.47 €

Dragon Reels Megabaits Combat FR

• Body and rotor made of light and durable graphite composit...
Prices from 25.88 €

Ryobi Reels Riken BF Carp

■ body, rotor: graphite composite ■ gear: CNC ■ spool: dur...
Prices from 60.94 €

DAM Quick Nova FS Reels

These modern freespool spinning reels are designed to offer...
Prices from 17.41 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 1 Pink FS

A great value-for-money reel for anglers who want to stand o...
Prices from 41.88 €

Jaxon Reel Dark Carp

Prices from 20.00 €

DAM Quick Quick 2 FS Reels

Fully renewed and updated to include better cosmetics and im...
Prices from 37.65 €

DAM Quick Quick 4 SLS FS Reels

The new QUICK® 4 SLS FS reel features a strong but lightweig...
Prices from 122.35 €

DAM Quick Quick 4 FS Reels

• 6+1 Sealed stainless ball bearings • Freespool system •...
Prices from 80.24 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 1 FS

• 3+1 Steel ball bearings • Freespool fuction • High quali...
Prices from 22.35 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 3 FS

• 9+1 Steel ball bearings of which 3+1 stainless ball bearin...
Prices from 65.88 €

Daiwa Black Widow BR LT Reels

Now finally from DAIWA – small compact free spool reels for...
Prices from 78.00 €

Daiwa Reels Emcast BR LT

The first LT free spool reel by DAIWA. small and compact fre...
Prices from 94.40 €

Okuma LS Baitfeeder

Okuma LS reel is designed for long casting carp fishing, fea...
Prices from 87.06 €

Penn Spinfisher VI Live Liner Spinning Reels

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it g...
Prices from 157.65 €

Mivardi Reels Kappa

A new model of the free spool reel with high level manufactu...
Prices from 30.59 €

Dragon Reels Mega Baits ELITE FR

Modern reels designed for fishing big carps and grass carp a...
Prices from 21.18 €

Jaxon Reels Top Carp

JAXON TOP CARP FRT TOP CARP rich series of reels with free...
Prices from 11.76 €

Jaxon Reels Satori FRXL

SATORI FRXL Modern reels with free spool mechanism. Unique b...
Prices from 23.53 €

Jaxon Reels Satori FRT

SATORI FRT Modern reels with free spool mechanism. Unique bo...
Prices from 22.12 €

Jaxon Reels Satori Dura XL

SATORI DURA XL Reels for professional carp anglers. Based on...
Prices from 56.71 €

Jaxon Reels Red Carp

Free runner carp reels. A characteristic feature of RED CARP...
Prices from 33.88 €

Jaxon Reels Magnet Carp

JAXON MAGNET CARP FRXL MAGNET CARP Carp reels with free spo...
Prices from 20.00 €

Daiwa Infinity X BR reel

The ultimate compact carp free spool reel. With the INFINITY...
Prices from 402.35 €
Carp reels with free spool are another family of specialized high power reels. They have all the features of traditional carp reels - power, large spool capacity, but they are slightly smaller and have been equipped with a free runner, bait runner). This patent enables smooth return of the line practically without much resistance when the bow is closed, which allows the fish to move away in a controlled way after the bite. Particularly useful when using self-hooking sets, and recently also when fishing for zander or eels with dead fish or worms.
The free spool reel is equipped with an additional resistance adjustment knob and a lever for starting and stopping the free spool travel.