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Fly fishing Monofilament Lines
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Guideline Tippet Rings

Guideline Tippet Rings
New 2024!
Guideline Tippet rings are manufactured in Japan by leading...
Prices from 9.99 €

Guideline Power Strike+ Tippet Material Monofilament

They have a very good strength-to-diameter ratio and are tru...
Prices from 8.99 €

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM69 Pro v.2 MONO 50m

New hybrid line, which contains in standard nylon structure...
Prices from 2.38 €

Cortland Super Supple Nylon Tippet

Cortland’s Super Supple Nylon tippet is the ideal material f...
Prices from 6.49 €

Cortland Tie-able Stainless Steel Leader Material

Tie-able Stainless Steel is a supple, nylon-coated, 1x19 con...
Prices from 15.49 €

Cortland Indicator Mono Leader Material

Cortland offers a lineup of indicator monofilament, intended...
Prices from 12.86 €

Cortland Fairplay Nylon Tippet

Our Fairplay Tippet Material comes on 27-yard spools in 0X t...
Prices from 4.49 €

Traper Fly Stream Power Streamer Line

The newest Japanese molecular technology of monofilament cor...
Prices from 3.52 €

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Monofilament Lines Majestic

The high quality of the monoline Wizard produced in Germany....
Prices from 3.43 €

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Monofilament Lines Fly

The high quality of the monoline Wizard, produced in Germany...
Prices from 3.43 €

Cortland Euro Nymph Leader Material

Cortland Euro Nymph Leader material is a camoflauge colored...
Prices from 15.49 €

Scierra Monofilament Lines Nylon Tippet Material

The 2017 Scierra Tippet Material has been developed from the...
Prices from 2.86 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines HM69 50M

HM69hybryd fishing line with fluorocarbon bonds low memory...
Prices from 2.24 €

FMFly Tippet Ring

Hanak competition micro rings can be used to connect indicat...
Prices from 1.19 €

Fujishi Monofilament Lines TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS.

The TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS. is a high visible monofilam...
Prices from 6.31 €

Stonfo Joint Rings

trong light alloy micro ring permit a quick change of tip wi...
Prices from 6.90 €

Partridge of Redditch Tippet Rings

These rings are very small but very strong. Connect to the e...
Prices from 6.07 €

Wapsi Tippet Retainer

Extremely fast and easy to load and unload. Spring hook atta...
Prices from 9.17 €

Stonfo Tippet Holder

Useful tool that holds together and ready to use several tip...
Prices from 10.12 €

Maruto Monofilament Lines Maruto Ultimate Tippet

A high quality rig line manufactured and packaged in Japan....
Prices from 1.52 €

Maruto Maruto Fluoro Carbon

High quality fluorocarbon manufactured and packaged in Japan...
Prices from 2.67 €

Hanak Monofilament Lines Bicolour indicator fluo line

Biocolour (fluo yellow and fluo red) monoline for the produc...
Prices from 7.14 €
Properly selectedleader material is an element that will facilitate the correct presentation of the fly and catching even cautious fish. We present an offer of traditional leader lines dedicated to each type of fly fishing - from soft lines ideal for dry fly fishing, through stiffer colored competition lines to the nymph method, which facilitate observation of delicate bites, to hellishly strong streamer lines. Orvis, Stroft, Wizard, Cortland, Scierra, Hanak, Maruto, Trape or Cortland - these are just some of the manufacturers whose assortment is available.