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Guideline Experience Multi Harness

Guideline Experience Multi Harness
New 2024!
If you are looking for a supportive and adjustable chest car...
Prices from 169.99 €

Savage Gear Hitch Hiker Fishing Vest

Floating Multipurpose fishing vest, loaded to pockets and fe...
Prices from 101.65 €

Savage Gear Pro-Tact Spinning Vest

The Pro-Tact Spinning Vest is equipped with many small zippe...
Prices from 122.12 €

Simms Freestone Vest

The ideal blend of technical performance and lightweight com...
Prices from 169.90 €

Jenzi Backpack with Integrated Vest

Backpack with Integrated Vest This stylish backpack with int...
Prices from 82.35 €

Savage Gear Ripple Quilt Vest Castlerock Grey

Don’t compromise on staying warm on your next fishing trip w...
Prices from 57.65 €

Simms Guide Vest Steel

A comfortable fishing vest that holds tons of tackle and kee...
Prices from 299.90 €

Dragon Technical vest Tech Vest Megabaits

Technical vest equipped with a countless number of pockets,...
Prices from 57.88 €

Dragon Vest chest pack Street Fishing

The most compact model of vest – rucksack in this series, eq...
Prices from 50.35 €

Dragon Technical vest chest pack Street Fishing

The solution which combines the practicality of a vest and r...
Prices from 41.65 €

Dragon Technical vest – tech vest Street Fishing

Light, capacious technical vest which allows the angler to t...
Prices from 58.35 €

Dragon Vest - Tech Pack with exchangeable bags Street Fishing

This vest is designed for anglers who do not take a lot of e...
Prices from 53.41 €

Dragon Technical vest - Tech Pack with exchangeable bags Street Fishing

It is made from very strong material and proven components w...
Prices from 67.06 €

Jaxon Vest UJ-FRU

Prices from 38.12 €

Guideline Vest Experience Vest

The Experience fly-fishing vest features adjustable pockets...
Prices from 171.29 €

Guideline Vest Experience DW Vest

The Experience DW (Deep Wading) Vest is the minimalists drea...
Prices from 171.29 €

Jaxon Vests UJ-FRL

Prices from 29.41 €

Jaxon Vests UJ-FRK

Prices from 30.82 €

Jaxon Vests UJ-FRM

Prices from 47.53 €

Prologic Vests Bank Bound Camo Thermo Vest

Warm, light weight vest Prologic Bank Bound Camo Thermo Vest...
Prices from 76.24 €

Rapala Urban Vest Pack

The Urban Vest Pack is a full-featured fishing vest with an...
Prices from 73.88 €

Jaxon Vests

Comfortable fishing vests with numerous pockets.
Prices from 29.41 €

Dragon Vests Team Dragon

A new series of Team Dragon vest has been designed and thoug...
Prices from 44.47 €
Vests are an extremely practical type of fishing clothing that is most popular among mobile anglers, i.e. spinning and fly fishermen. The vests have many pockets of various sizes that can accommodate many boxes with baits and all kinds of accessories.
In addition to the pockets, the fishing vest often has the so-called D-ring, i.e. an eye for attaching a small landing net, which is always easily accessible in the final stage of the fishing.