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Monofilament Lines
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Dragon Monofilament Lines Millenium Bream

Millenium Bream - a strong, low-stretch line for coarse fish...
Prices from 3.57 €

Shimano Technium line

The triple core technology in Technium mono has always made...
Prices from 10.95 €

Preston Monofilament Lines Reflo Float Max

A neutrally buoyant reel line perfect for all float fishing...
Prices from 5.24 €

Sufix Monofilament Lines XL Strong

Sufix XL Strong is an exceptionally soft, smooth and supple...
Prices from 11.79 €

Gamakatsu Monofilament Lines Super G-line Neo

Gamakatsu’s Super G-Line Neo is a sensitive line with an ext...
Prices from 5.00 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon Supreme

Team Dragon Supreme is a line designed for light fishing usi...
Prices from 3.29 €

Drennan Monofilament Lines Supplex

Supplex is a fantastic material for float and feeder fishing...
Prices from 3.98 €

GURU Drag-Line

Drag-Line is a robust, performance mono that’s been designed...
Prices from 8.70 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millennium Bream

A fishing line with limited extensibility, designed for catc...
Prices from 3.05 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines HM80 Competition

Tournament premium grade line with Poliamide Nano+ Technolog...
Prices from 3.24 €

Owner Monofilament Lines Broad - Green

OWNER BROAD Green High end mono line. Green camou colour m...
Prices from 4.88 €

MAVER Monofilament Lines Smart 100m , 150m

Serie: - Smart TT 100m - Smart Stone River 150m - Smart M...
Prices from 5.48 €

Gamakatsu Super G-Line

As Super G-line Flex, also this is a great line made by high...
Prices from 3.33 €


A connect-spooled nylon line born in order for the customers...
Prices from 3.57 €
This group includes the most universal fishing lines for the most popular fishing methods, i.e. float and ground.
Different line diameters and longer spool lengths are available for use as main line on a reel.
Leader lines are more often available on smaller spools, so they fall into a different category. However, if you need the line to make whip rigs or pole rigs, then large spools are more economical.
As a rule, lines designed for bottom fishing are darker in color to camouflage them nicely. Fishing lines come in different colors, a bright line against the sky is very difficult for fish to see.
In the offer of our online fishing store you will find lines of well-known and proven fishing brands.