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Matrix Aquos Ultra-C Waggler Rod

Matrix Aquos Ultra-C Waggler Rod
New 2023!
Designed for waggler fishing on commercials Two pie...
Prices from 65.88 €

DAM Intenze Pellet Waggler Coarse Rod

24T Carbon fiber construction Slim and powerful bla...
Prices from 34.59 €

Jaxon Happy Weekend Tele

Jaxon Happy Weekend Tele
New 2023!
Prices from 12.82 €

Abu Garcia Beast Pike Deadbait

BEAST is the number one sub brand for avid pike anglers. Aft...
Prices from 103.53 €

Jaxon Rods Tenesa Tele Carpinus SHT

Popular Jaxon carp rods in a telescopic version, differing i...
Prices from 29.41 €

Jaxon Rods Tenesa Tele Carp TRT

Popular Jaxon carp rods in a telescopic version, differing i...
Prices from 30.12 €

DAM Rods Base-X Tele 100

The Base-X Tele 100 offers a lot of rod for little money. A...
Prices from 25.41 €

DAM Rods Backbone II Tele

The Backbone II Tele rods feature durable and powerful 24TC...
Prices from 37.18 €

DAM Rods Backbone II Stellfisch

The Backbone II Stellfisch rods are long and powerful 24TC c...
Prices from 69.88 €

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Distance TX

Jaxon Distance TX rods are a lighter version of a 3-piece ca...
Prices from 48.47 €

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Compact Hunter 60 - Trophy 90 - Power 150

A group of solid tele rods for ground techniques, from a lig...
Prices from 35.58 €

DAM Rods Spezi Stick II

The DAM Spezi Stick II rods are the latest generation of one...
Prices from 34.59 €

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Distance Ground

3-piece universal fishing rods for techniques involving bott...
Prices from 48.24 €

Daiwa Black Widow XT Bait

Daiwa Black Widow XT Bait
New 2023!
With the Black Widow XT Bait DAIWA offers universally applic...
Prices from 56.00 €

Preston Ignition Pellet Waggler Rods

A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any comme...
Prices from 50.12 €

DAM Rods Adjusta Tele Trout II

Everything you loved about the original Adjusta Tele Trout r...
Prices from 51.76 €

DAM Rods PTS II Distance

These lightweight yet powerful carbon rods intended for dist...
Prices from 68.94 €

DAM Rods PTS II Tele Trout II

The perfect companion to any trip where you want to pack lig...
Prices from 47.53 €

DAM Rods PTS II Bombarda

When fishing long distances with bombardas or sbriolinos, yo...
Prices from 60.47 €

DAM Rods PTS II Sbirolino

Bring the power to your sbirolino fishing game with this upg...
Prices from 51.76 €

DAM Base-X Tele Stellfisch Rods

The Base-X Tele Stellfisch rods are long and powerful telesc...
Prices from 41.88 €

DAM Rods Base-X Tele Spin

The Base-X Tele Spin is the best choice telescopic rod for b...
Prices from 15.06 €

DAM Base-X Tele Pike Rods

The Base-X Tele Pike is a powerful telescopic rod which is i...
Prices from 20.24 €

Browning Rods CK Carp Waggler

A classic 11’/3.3m 2 piece rod with a parabolic “non-lock” a...
Prices from 43.53 €

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Tele Travel Pro

Jaxon recreational telescopic fishing rods that take up a mi...
Prices from 28.94 €

Daiwa Procaster Allround rods

Modern all-round rod for experts. The comprehensive Procaste...
Prices from 60.94 €
A group of universal fishing rods with a wide range of applications. Float rods are available in folding and telescopic variants, the former superior in terms of performance parameters such as casting properties, strength, deflection.
Nevertheless, telescopic rods are characterized by excellent transport properties and have been extremely popular for years among a wide range of anglers. Especially recommended for beginner anglers who have not yet decided which type of float fishing will be the best for them.