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Carp fishing nets
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FOX Carpmaster Welded Stink Bag

FOX Carpmaster Welded Stink Bag
New 2024!
Prices from 23.06 €

Prologic Element Camou Net 180

Prologic Element Camou Net 180
New 2024!
This versatile, two-piece landing net features a telescopic...
Prices from 90.82 €

Prologic Element Compact Camou Net 170/3

Prologic Element Compact Camou Net 170/3
New 2024!
Why choose between performance and compactness with your car...
Prices from 85.41 €

Prologic Carp nets C3 Fulcrum 42

Elegance and functionality – the C3 Fulcrum landing net deli...
Prices from 87.06 €

Prologic Inspire 46 Landing Net

Without doubt the most stylish, elegant and best-functioning...
Prices from 30.12 €

Prologic Waterproof Retainer & Net Stink Bag

A fully waterproof stink bag that can accommodate two Retain...
Prices from 29.41 €

Prologic Net Spreader Block

It’s always handy to have a spare right! We now have a range...
Prices from 5.88 €

Prologic Spare Landing Net Mesh Element 42

To compliment our extensive range of landing nets. We also o...
Prices from 15.06 €

Prologic Spare Landing Net Mesh Avenger 42

To compliment our extensive range of landing nets. We also o...
Prices from 23.29 €

Prologic Carp landing nets C3 Fulcrum Ridgid Framed Landing Net

Specifically designed to get into those places were conventi...
Prices from 50.59 €

Prologic C2 Element landing nets

The perfect companion to compliment our Element rod range. U...
Prices from 63.53 €

Prologic Carp landing nets Avenger

If you’re looking for a landing net that not only offers str...
Prices from 42.35 €

Prologic Net Handle Avenger

Complementing this range further and sharing the same build...
Prices from 25.18 €

Prologic Carp landing nets C-Series

Strong, reliable and affordable. The new C-series landing ne...
Prices from 42.12 €

DAM Fighter Pro Carp Net

This robust net is made of hard-wearing composite material....
Prices from 32.24 €

Prologic CC20 8’ Landing Net

• Increased handle length • Ideal solution for very weedy w...
Prices from 44.00 €

Jaxon Floats to landing nets

Floats to establish the upper part of the seat post, keep la...
Prices from 8.71 €

Prologic Cruzade 42” Landing Net Head Kit

• Mesh with arm and spread block spare kit • Compatible wit...
Prices from 20.24 €

Prologic Net & Spoon Handle

Two sections Carbon handle, extremely solid and with anti-sl...
Prices from 17.41 €

Prologic New Green Net Float

• Foam lined net float • Velcro strap for attaching to spre...
Prices from 6.59 €

Jaxon Landing net handle

Strong landing net handle and lighter models available. Very...
Prices from 8.71 €
When fishing for carp, we choose solid equipment - a strong reel, a strong rod, and the whole is complemented by a line of high strength. Because catching large carp does not rule out compromises. The same applies to landing nets, which should be adapted to picking up large and heavy fish.
Carp landing nets have the right size, solid handle, strong arms - these are just a few features of a good product. Landing a carp or grass carp is the culmination of an emotional haul, we want it to be without unpleasant surprises. That is why our offer includes an assortment of reputable manufacturers.