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Groundbaits and additives
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Ringers Baits Boilie Crush

Small, crushed fragments of boilies with a chocolate aroma....
Prices from 7.76 €

Ringers Baits Dark Coco Groundbait

Ringers Baits Dark Coco Groundbait
New 2024!
Ringers Coco Dark Groundbait is perfect for anglers who need...
Prices from 7.76 €

Maros-Mix XXL-Groundbaits

This product line is the fruit of decades of match angling a...
Prices from 3.25 €

Maros-Mix Zanęty Serie Walter Racer Groundbaits

The flagship products of the Serie Walter range of groundbai...
Prices from 2.59 €

Maros-Mix Feeder Groundbaits

This product line has been developed for feeder and traditio...
Prices from 2.45 €

Maros-Mix EA Record Groundbaits

In recent years, the Maros Mix portfolio has been extended t...
Prices from 4.42 €

Ringers Baits Finest Brown Crumb

Ringers Finest Brown Crumb is an easy to use groundbait. Thi...
Prices from 5.41 €

Ringers Baits Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Groundbait 1kg

One of the flagship products of the Ringer Baits brand. The...
Prices from 7.06 €

Ringers Baits Meaty Red

Groundbait was made on the basis of meat meal and proteins....
Prices from 7.06 €

Ringers Baits Micro Method Mix

Ringers Micro Method Mix is a groundbait that offers high ef...
Prices from 11.53 €

Ringers Baits Dark Groundbait

Ringers Dark Groundbait Ideal for use with a variety of grou...
Prices from 7.76 €

Ringers Baits Bag-UP Groundbait

A groundbait that won 3 Fish-O-Mania finals in 1998-2000, on...
Prices from 7.06 €

Osmo Innovation Baits CsuperL

Osmo CsuperL groundbait is a fluffy and aromatic mix in a go...
Prices from 6.12 €

Jaxon Premium Additives

Series of main groundbait additives that enhance ready mixes...
Prices from 2.35 €

Jaxon Bind Leam

In our offer every match angler can find high quality leam f...
Prices from 2.92 €

Sensas Tracix Yellow 100g

Sensas Tracix Yellow 100g, for big fish on the bottom, and b...
Prices from 2.35 €

Sensas 3000 Explosive Etang

Sometimes when using a classic groundbait it can be difficul...
Prices from 3.53 €

Sensas 3000 Carpes et gros poissons

A light coloured protein-rich groundbait an ideal particle c...
Prices from 3.53 €

Jaxon Grain Ready Jaxon Premium

Effective groundbaits for all carp like species. Each ground...
Prices from 3.06 €

Jaxon Premium groundbait additives

Additives produced byTraper Additives added and making grou...
Prices from 1.84 €

Boland Mega Carp Groundbaits

The series of groundbaits that are used mainly for fishing f...
Prices from 3.53 €

Boland Melasses

Melasse brasem Melasse should be added while wetting the gr...
Prices from 1.76 €

Boland Clays

Soft damp leam black Soft damp slightly binding leam. Very...
Prices from 1.41 €

Sensas Farine Popular

Farine Popular Sensas
Prices from 2.82 €

Sensas Aromix

Prices from 4.00 €

Sensas Ruddix, Domix, Carpix, Gardonix, Sweetix, Fouillix

Powdered additives can be added to your dry groundbait mixes...
Prices from 2.35 €
Many years of experience in float of feeder fishing, often supported by many successes in competitions, result in many recipes and proven mixtures. This only confirms the hypothesis that a properly composed fishing groundbait could be a factor in success or failure.
The use of appropriate components and additives for bait while maintaining the right proportions allows you to obtain a mixture that will effectively attract and keep the fish in the fishery.
At the moment, in our online fishing store, the offer is so rich that everyone will be able to find fishing groundbaits in terms of species and fisheries where they fish most often.