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Fishing scales and Measures

Delphin Digital scales LIFTO 75 USB-C

Delphin Digital scales LIFTO 75 USB-C
New 2024!
If there is a perfect weight for an angler, it is definitely...
Prices from 20.71 €

Jaxon Electronic scale with measure tape WAM017

Jaxon Electronic scale with measure tape WAM017
New 2024!
Power supply 2 AAA batteries - 1.5 V, not included.
Prices from 24.24 €

Delphin Fishing tape measure MeTa Camo

A stylish tape measure which should not be missing in the eq...
Prices from 1.84 €

Jenzi Camo Unhooking mat with Measuring Tape

Camo Unhooking mat with Measuring Tape This foldable padded...
Prices from 33.88 €

Prologic Specimen Dial Scale

When you catch a memorable fish, getting a quick and accurat...
Prices from 24.47 €

Mustad Foldable measure band MT125

Set an accurate measurement of your latest catch up to 1 met...
Prices from 16.71 €

DAM Madcat Tape Measure

Strong, handy tape measure (10m). The actual tape is made of...
Prices from 7.65 €

Korum Compact Digital Scales

These pocket-sized digital scales come with a watertight cas...
Prices from 39.29 €

DAM Foldable Digital Scale 50KG

Digital scale, with two big, handy and foldable handlebars -...
Prices from 41.41 €

DAM Digital Scale 25KG

T-bar shaped, digital scale, for weighing fish up to 25 kilo...
Prices from 27.06 €

Savage Gear Digi Scale SW 50kg

When you catch the fish of a lifetime, you need scales you c...
Prices from 41.41 €

Savage Gear Measure Up Roll Savage Gear

• Easy clean PVC Fabric • Rigid back stop • Length: 130cm...
Prices from 12.94 €

Prologic Padded Scales Pouch Avenger

• 600D Rip-stop Waterproof fabric • Fully padded for optimu...
Prices from 21.41 €

Rapala RCD Magnum 50 kg Scale

The true bragging scale for an honest angler! Double screens...
Prices from 72.94 €

Mivardi Weigh pod Professional

An extremely strong and durable weigh pod. The frame has a l...
Prices from 40.47 €

Mivardi Hardcore scale

Large analog scales with an exclusive design. An easily read...
Prices from 39.53 €


An extremely compact PVC ruler. Complete with Velcro strap a...
Prices from 12.71 €

Jaxon Scales

Scales with or without measures for anglers. They allow m...
Prices from 5.76 €

Jaxon Weighing tripod

Prices from 48.24 €

Jaxon Measures

Prices from 1.13 €
The moment when our prey falls into our hands is the culmination of our efforts to outsmart and catch a fish. Emotions will stay in your memory for a long time, a photo will be a great souvenir, but it is worth knowing how big our prize was, just to be able to show off to colleagues or improve the current record.
Therefore, the offer could not miss a wide selection of fishing accessories: measuring scales, electronic and analog scales, as well as accessories such as tripods.