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Jenzi Camo Angler Backpack

Camo Angler Backpack This Camo Backpack with its special com...
Prices from 36.47 €

Jenzi Backpack with Integrated Vest

Backpack with Integrated Vest This stylish backpack with int...
Prices from 82.35 €

Jaxon Backpack XDD02

Prices from 27.06 €

Delphin Backpack Classa

An excellent partner for fishing. This is how the Delphin CL...
Prices from 32.24 €

Savage Gear AW Sling Rucksack

The perfect ruck sack for wading and lure fishing in any wea...
Prices from 64.24 €

Delphin Backpack x Carryall Tranzporter

Usually two-in-one products are unusable, which is why we av...
Prices from 122.59 €

Delphin Area CARPER Carpath

Delphin AREA Carper is a very practical fishing backpack mad...
Prices from 61.18 €

Dragon Backpack with boxes and detachable organizer G.P. Concept

Perfect rucksack with wide suspenders. Divided main compartm...
Prices from 87.06 €

Dragon Backpack bag-type Street Fishing

Designed in the way that not restricts the movements ensures...
Prices from 20.00 €

Savage Gear Backpack Specialist Rucksack

Keep all the fishing gear you need close at hand with this p...
Prices from 106.59 €

Rapala Backpack CountDown Backpack

Multi-purpose backpack for daytrips and everyday use. Spacio...
Prices from 54.82 €

Prorex Backpack Prorex Roving Rucksack

Light but durable rucksack with four big tackle boxes in the...
Prices from 117.41 €

Prologic Avenger Backpack

• 600D Rip-stop Waterproof Fabric • Fully Padded for optimu...
Prices from 42.35 €

Rapala Urban Backpack

The 25 liter Urban BackPack with detachable hip belt is your...
Prices from 104.71 €

Jaxon Backpack XAP02

Prices from 26.12 €

Jaxon Backpack XAP01

Prices from 25.88 €

Jaxon Backpack XRU01

Prices from 29.88 €

DAM Back Pack

The very versatile DAM Back Pack is comfortable to carry and...
Prices from 101.65 €

Savage Gear Waterproof Rollup Rucksack 40L

Waterproof Rollup Rucksack, easy roll up and click closure....
Prices from 80.00 €

Scierra Backpack Kaitum XP 20L

• 1680D with PU coating for maximum water resistance • Span...
Prices from 28.24 €

Jaxon Backpack X-Team Jaxon XTV02

Height: 39cm Width without side pockets: 29cm Dimensions b...
Prices from 23.06 €

Jaxon Kit bag-backpack

Kit bag-backpack + box RH-161 Set box RH-161 + kit bag-back...
Prices from 28.71 €

Prologic Backpack Chair Max5 Heavy Duty

After many years of good cooperation between Svendsen Sport...
Prices from 106.12 €

Dragon Dragon Hells Anglers - Backpack 003

Big backpack, very modern design and extensive use. The main...
Prices from 32.00 €
Fishing backpack is the basic fishing luggage of a mobile angler who travels long distances above the water. The backpack allows you to conveniently transport the most important equipment to the position.
Fishing backpacks have various amenities, incl. rod or tube holders. Additional smaller pockets or clips so that you can conveniently sort the most important and most frequently used fishing accessories.
There are models that have the so-called thermal chambers - ideal for transporting a cold drink, food or caught fish.