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LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw Jig

Form meets function in the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw. By s...
Prices from 11.19 €

Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig

Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jigs are built on a 32824NP-BN Ultra...
Prices from 4.52 €

Rapala Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig

The Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple lu...
Prices from 12.62 €

Rapala Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig

The Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple l...
Prices from 11.90 €

Qu-on Verage Swimmer Jig Another Edition

To smoke out bass, head shape pushes water a lot. Action can...
Prices from 2.71 €

Qu-on Verage Swimmer Jig

Monster bass is fundamentally staying under top layer of wee...
Prices from 2.71 €

Westin Lures BladeBite Tungsten Bladed Jig

The key to the BladeBite is the vibration and action, with a...
Prices from 12.14 €

Savage Gear Lures Skirt Flirt Jig

When finesse presentation is the difference between catching...
Prices from 5.71 €

Gunki Lures Jigger Jig

As its name suggests, we developed this small lead-free meta...
Prices from 8.93 €

Rapala Jigging Shadow Rap Lures

Following in the footsteps of the original Rapala® Jigging R...
Prices from 14.52 €

Tiemco Lures PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO

Introducing a new series EVO at a reasonable price for the p...
Prices from 7.14 €

Molix Skirted Jigs Nano Jig

The Skirted Jigs Molix Nano Jig is designed for finesse appl...
Prices from 3.57 €

Molix Skirted Jigs Kento Jig

The Molix Kento Jig is built with versatility in mind. Each...
Prices from 5.60 €

Mandula Chełm Hand Made Mandula Lift

Mandula is an unusual lure designed in Russia and Ukraine. I...
Prices from 1.14 €

K Niemy Jigs

Jigs made from the finest materials available on the market.
Prices from 2.52 €

Manyfik GEORGE

This lure came to Poland from the USA and became popular amo...
Prices from 3.60 €
Jig lures are appreciated by spinning anglers all over Europe. Nevertheless, jig techniques have undergone a real revolution.
More and more often, the choice of spinning anglers are jigs, which, apart from being effective, are characterized by versatility.
At the moment, these fishing lures are used to catch such species of fish as: pike, zander, perch, trout, black bass, and many others.