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Catfish Fishing Boilies, Pellets
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Carp Zoom Catfish Mega Boilie 30mm

Catfish is by far the largest predator of our waters. In ord...
Prices from 6.12 €

Carp Zoom Catfish Mega Pellet 30 mm

Professional, large pellets prepared for catfish fishing. It...
Prices from 7.41 €

Carp Zoom Carp Zoom Catfish Dip

Concentrated, thick dips with fish flavours. Ideal for all c...
Prices from 6.24 €
It has been known for a long time that the catfish is a predator with a very well-developed sense of smell and taste and is attracted by - to put it mildly - not very pleasant smells. The traditional method of fishing with the liver is well known. No wonder that catfish pellets and boiles turned out to be extremely effective baits, very similar to those used by carp fishing anglers but of a much larger size. They can be used both as groundbait and hair rig baits. Fish smells and the liver dominate.
An interesting flavor and aroma addition are dips that can be used for pouring over baits and groundbaits immediately before use.