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Jaxon Flat Leads

CC-AC Flat lead. Sizes available: 15g; 20g; 25g; 30g; 35g;...
Prices from 0.81 €

Jaxon Hexagonal Leads

CP-106 Hexagonal lead. Sizes available: 15g; 20g; 30g; 40g...
Prices from 0.40 €

Preston ICS In-Line Match Cube

As part of the Inter Change System the Inline Match Cubes al...
Prices from 4.17 €

GURU Inline Lead

Roll-proof inline leads that can be fished with a standard r...
Prices from 5.71 €

Jaxon Lead Inline feeder CB-BF

Inline feeder. Quick change inline leads. Inline leads with...
Prices from 1.90 €

Jaxon Flat Leads with Swivel

In offer: 10g; 15g; 20g; 25g; 30g; 40g; 50g; 60g.
Prices from 0.90 €

Preston Stotz Dispensers

A hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines. The...
Prices from 10.60 €

GURU Guru Micro Shot

These are extra soft shot made from pure lead. Produced for...
Prices from 2.14 €

Jaxon Dinsmores CD-Z

Prices from 2.29 €

Middy Dinsmores

Prices from 3.81 €

Jaxon Shot kit

Prices from 1.95 €

Jaxon Lead kits

Components avalaible in most popular sizes and shapes. Pract...
Prices from 5.48 €

Jaxon Olivettes

CC-AB Olivettes. Sizes available: 1g; 2g; 3g; 4g; 5g; 6g;...
Prices from 0.90 €

Jaxon Tear leads with tube

Very popular leads, which main job are all kind of float rig...
Prices from 0.71 €
A whole range of different rigs are used in modern float and bottom fishing. This forces us to use specialized fishing weights. This ability to match them to the preferred method will allow you to achieve better results, regardless of the level of advancement. Other fishing weights are used in the so-called match float method, completely different weights when fishing with a pole or bolognese rod, and still different when fishing from the bottom with a classic rod.

Types of fishing weights

We start with the lightest weights, the so-called fishing split shot, which are the basis of the equipment of every float fan. It is thanks to them that we can easily balance the float, whether fixed or cruising. Shots give us the ability to move on the line and thus we can concentrate or disperse the load of the fishing set on the line. Concentrated near the leader will cause a quick fall, while dispersed will give us the opportunity to fish from the fall of fish standing in the depths of the water. Shots can also be used to load the leader in a ground rig, so that, for example, a floating bait floats a cm above the bottom. Most often, fishing pellets are available in packages containing several sizes, but players often choose those that are packaged separately - one box, one weight.
Through fishing weights are another type of weights that have been popular among anglers for many years. They are most often used by ground anglers in classic rigs, however, in smaller versions and variations, the teardrops are indispensable in float rigs used on rivers.
Tear weights concentrate the mass close to the rig and quickly bring the rig to the bottom, right in the baiting zone. If we need to use a teardrop lead from float rigs, it is worth choosing versions with an inner tube that protects the thin line from abrasion. In-line weights often have an additional tube, which, like a swivel, reduces tangling of the fishing rig during the cast. River weights have a lot of weight and additionally two basic features: they are flat and have an uneven surface (e.g. additional spikes) preventing the rig from moving along the bottom.
In our online fishing store could not miss this - a large selection of specialist lead weights, the universal ones used in recreational and sport fishing. Such a small thing, but the right weight is often a prerequisite for successful fishing.