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Dragon Invader Jig
Invader Jig
Special price!
60.00 €     116.75 €
INVADER is a series of six specialized rods for light spinni...
Browning Black Magic C-River M II
Black Magic C-River M II
Special price!
51.25 €     75.50 €
These are general purpose, do anything , carbon feeder rods...
Mivardi Vector Carp Mk2 2sec
Vector Carp Mk2 2sec
Special price!
77.50 €     128.00 €
Replacing our very popular and well proven Vector MK1 carp r...
Windcast Carp
Special price!
122.50 €     178.25 €
Slim, fast, accurate and great power reserves - these are th...
Okuma Altera Spin
Altera Spin
New 2019!
Special price!
32.50 €     47.25 €
• 24T carbon construction • Slim blanks with fast action •...
Dragon Nano Core Cast
Nano Core Cast
Special price!
52.50 €     86.50 €
Narrowly specialized series Dragon NanoCORE- spinning rods f...
Milo Floats for poles
Spławiki do bata i tyczki
Special price!
1.38 €     2.38 €
GURU Guru F1 Pellet Barbless Hooks
Guru F1 Pellet Barbless Hooks
Special price!
2.13 €     3.55 €
The F1 Pellet hook has been designed for targeting the F1 ca...
GURU Guru Kaizen Hook
Guru Kaizen Hook
Special price!
2.05 €     3.40 €
These are designed to be super strong while having a relativ...
GURU Guru Super LWG
Guru Super LWG
Special price!
2.13 €     3.05 €
The original LWG established itself as an astonishingly popu...
Cralusso Bolo River Float
Spławik Bolo River Float
Special price!
4.20 €     6.50 €
A river float for use Bolognese rods and any running line se...
Cralusso Shark River Float
Spławik Shark River Float
Special price!
4.15 €     6.38 €
Shark, the brand new flat float was developed using many yea...
Wapsi - Super Bright
Special price!
1.48 €     2.10 €
Super Bright is a unique blend of 3 diffrent light reflectiv...
Wapsi Antron Dubbing Dispenser
Antron Dubbing Dispenser
Special price!
0.93 €     1.65 €
Antron Dubbing is the industry standard. This translucent an...
A. Jensen I-Conic Intermediate/Floating
I-Conic Intermediate/Floating
Special price!
33.75 €     54.75 €
The I-Conic lines are our version of a legendary taper. The...
Eumer Eumer Tubefly Tool
Eumer Tubefly Tool
Special price!
13.00 €     21.00 €
Small will work for X-small to small tubing. Medium will wor...
Enrico Puglisi EP Brush - Craftfur
EP Brush - Craftfur
Special price!
6.50 €     9.65 €
This is definitely a brush that will create a fly out of the...
FMFly Tungsten round bead Sunny
Tungsten round bead Sunny
Special price!
1.33 €     2.00 €
Flat Mat Jig
New 2019!
Special price!
5.75 €     9.50 €
When you stare at him in your tackle box, Flat Matt may look...
Cox & Rawle Cox & Rawle Rigs
Cox & Rawle Rigs
Special price!
2.68 €     4.55 €
Westin Sandy Andy
Sandy Andy
New 2019!
Special price!
7.00 €     11.38 €
The most realistic sand eel imitation ever made, this loving...
Sandy Andy
New 2019!
Special price!
5.25 €     8.50 €
The most realistic sand eel imitation ever made, this loving...
Sandy Andy
Special price!
5.50 €     8.38 €
The most realistic sand eel imitation ever made, this loving...
Sandy Andy
New 2019!
Special price!
7.00 €     11.38 €
The most realistic sand eel imitation ever made, this loving...
DAM Effzett Effzett Real Life Catfish Curl Tail
Effzett Real Life Catfish Curl Tail
Special price!
12.25 €     18.00 €
Like the paddle tail version of the EFFZETT® Real Life Catfi...
FOX Rage Tiddler Fast Bulk
Tiddler Fast Bulk
Special price!
5.00 €     7.63 €
“What an exceptional catching machine!” That is what our Pro...
Dorado Darek Małysz Alaska 6cm and 8cm
Alaska 6cm i 8cm
Special price!
6.75 €     8.63 €
6cm Alaska is not only bigger than its shorter sisters which...
Black Cat Black Cat Frontzone Rig
Black Cat Frontzone Rig
Special price!
1.50 €     6.25 €
Dorado Darek Małysz Alaska 6cm and 8cm
Alaska 6cm i 8cm
Special price!
6.75 €     8.63 €
6cm Alaska is not only bigger than its shorter sisters which...
DAM MADCAT A-Static Rattlin Teaser Spinners
MADCAT A-Static Rattlin Teaser Spinners
Special price!
13.00 €     18.00 €
The second generation of the MADCAT® Rattlin' Teaser spinner...
3D Hybrid Pike
Special price!
5.75 €     7.50 €
A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative...
LFT Hyper Freak
Special price!
3.75 €     7.88 €
The gliding action of the Hyper Freak combined with the stro...
DUO Spearhead Ryuki
Spearhead Ryuki
Special price!
9.25 €     13.25 €
Realization of great castability and superb action response...
Savage Gear Fat T-Tail Minnow Bulk
Fat T-Tail Minnow Bulk
Special price!
6.50 €     9.13 €
Fat T-Tail Minnow Bulk designed to swim with a great rocking...
Westin ShadTeez High
ShadTeez 2
Special price!
3.50 €     5.25 €
Puts other shads in the shadow, Shad Teez is perfected down...
DUO Realis Jerkbait 100F
Realis Jerkbait 100DR-F / 100DR-SP / 100F
Special price!
10.50 €     15.00 €
This is a highly responsive jerkbait which is capable of han...
Trakker Aztec Joggers
Aztec Joggers
Special price!
26.50 €     41.25 €
Our Aztec Joggers are designed to complement our Aztec Hoody...
Trakker Summit XP Jacket
Summit XP Jacket
Special price!
92.50 €     133.50 €
The stylish Summit XP Jacket is dedicated to keeping the ele...
Trakker Ripstop Combats
Ripstop Combats
Special price!
38.00 €     56.25 €
Our Ripstop Combats are a great all-round outdoor trouser of...
Geoff Anderson WS 4 Jacket
Kurtka WS 4
Special price!
142.50 €     192.50 €
Trakker N2 Chest Waders
N2 Chest Waders
Special price!
60.00 €     92.50 €
Our N2 Chest Waders boast supreme-comfort for long periods o...
Trakker Team Bobble Beanie
Czapka Team Bobble Beanie
Special price!
11.25 €     17.50 €
Featuring a jacquard woven knit and turn-up, the Team Bobble...
Meus Challange HARD Boilies
Kulki proteinowe Challange HARD Boilies
Special price!
7.75 €     12.25 €
Trakker EQ Carbon Landing Net
EQ Carbon Landing Net
Special price!
75.50 €     116.25 €
Available with olive or black mesh which has fish friendly,...
Special price!
3.25 €     4.58 €
Ready Rigs With Speed Stops These new additions to the read...
Cygnet 20/20 Stabiliser
20/20 Stabiliser
Special price!
12.25 €     17.50 €
Essential when fishing a traditional buzzer bar set-up. Prod...
DYNAMITE BAITS Fluoro Corkball Pop-ups
Pop-upy Fluoro z korkowym rdzeniem
Special price!
7.88 €     11.25 €
- A premium pop up expertly produced with cork balls inserte...
Akcesoria końcowe
Special price!
2.50 €     3.83 €
Mivardi Reel cover Premium
Pokrowiec na kołowrotek Premium
Special price!
6.50 €     10.75 €
An oversized, big pit reel cover designed to be used with th...
Okuma Custom Black CBBF
Custom Black CBBF
Special price!
28.75 €     40.00 €
Daiwa Morethan
Special price!
595.00 €     740.00 €
With the new 17‘ Morethan we present the latest premium mode...
Daiwa Emcast
Special price!
74.75 €     98.00 €
The new Emcast combines all features, which are expected of...
Penn Affinity II 2017 Live Liner
Affinity II 2017 Live Liner
Special price!
162.25 €     172.50 €
The all new PENN® Affinity II Black reel features a strong b...
Penn Rival Level Wind
Rival Level Wind
Special price!
45.00 €     69.00 €
The PENN Rival was engineered to be an extremely versatile a...
Karp Max Karp Max
Karp Max
Special price!
2.50 €     4.75 €
Carp fishing magazine, in Polish.
Milo Fortress Special Feeder Fluor
Fortress Special Feeder Fluor
Special price!
4.43 €     6.88 €
Designed specifically for fishing feeder, this line offers i...
Trakker Armolife Marble Cookset – Medium
Zestaw do gotowania Armolife Marble Cookset – Medium
New 2019!
Special price!
33.50 €     51.50 €
With three different options in the range, the Armolife Marb...
Jaxon Breathable waders with neoprene sock
Wodery oddychające ze skarpetą neoprenową
Special price!
127.50 €     161.00 €
Karp Max
Special price!
2.50 €     4.75 €
Carp fishing magazine, in Polish.
Trakker Wrap-Around Sunglasses
Okulary polaryzacyjne Wrap-Around Sunglasses
Special price!
21.25 €     32.50 €
Designed to minimalize glare, the Wrap Around Sunglasses fea...
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ordered the 2.7m 15-50g from canada, came in very well packed and pretty quickly. and this thing is a catapult for kastmasters and...
Jerome G.
A++ Very comfortable and easy to set up
Eero K.
I bought this rod about 2 months ago. It came very very well packed. TY Fishing-mart! About the rod (3-18 g): 1. I can throw eas...
Bogdan N.
Ho catturato un luccio lungo 120 cm. E fatto altre catture da un metro. Esca meravigliosa.
Mauro S.

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