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Carp rod pods & tri pods
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Prologic Element Q/R Quad-Sky Rod Pod

Prologic Element Q/R Quad-Sky Rod Pod
New 2024!
Fully adjustable Q/R front legs 100cm-180cm – two suppli...
Prices from 138.10 €

Prologic Element Q/R Tri-Sky Rod Pod

Prologic Element Q/R Tri-Sky Rod Pod
New 2024!
Fully adjustable Q/R front legs 100cm-180cm – two suppli...
Prices from 129.76 €

Prologic Element Q/R Com-Pact Twin-Sky Rod Pod

Prologic Element Q/R Com-Pact Twin-Sky Rod Pod
New 2024!
The legendary Tri-Sky has evolved – welcome to the exciting...
Prices from 122.62 €

Jaxon Rod Pod J-Pro

Durable and lightweight J-PRO rodpod, weighing 1.7kg ready f...
Prices from 65.95 €

Jaxon Rod pods

Prices from 24.52 €

Delphin STATIC

Tripod Delphin STATIC BRWN is a strong and high-quality prod...
Prices from 97.62 €

Delphin Bronx 2G STALX

Rod pod Delphin BRONX 2G STALX is more compact version of a...
Prices from 70.24 €

Delphin TPX3 Silver

Tripod Delphin TPX can easily be described as a relative of...
Prices from 125.00 €

Delphin TPX3 BlackWay

Tripod Delphin TPX can easily be described as a relative of...
Prices from 122.86 €

Delphin Craber Mini

Delphin Craber Mini is a rod pod of compact dimensions. This...
Prices from 77.38 €

Delphin Craber Maxi

Delphin Craber Maxi is a rod pod of compact dimensions. You...
Prices from 59.52 €

Prologic Stainless Steel Rod Pod

Compact, strong and durable, these rod pods will perform for...
Prices from 130.95 €

Prologic C-Series Twin Support 3 Rod Pod

Offering stability and functionality normally seen on premiu...
Prices from 80.95 €

Prologic C-Series Convertible Long Legs Rod Pod

The long leg version is supplied with two long front legs ad...
Prices from 75.95 €

Prologic C-Series Convertible Rod Pod

Our popular C-Series range just got even more versatile with...
Prices from 65.00 €

Prologic Tube Three Rod Pod

This highly stable rod pod will give you a solid fishing bas...
Prices from 83.33 €

Prologic Rod Pod K3 Carbon Low Profile

Heaps of hard work and innovation from our highly skilled co...
Prices from 116.67 €

Prologic Clinch Pivoting Snag Butt Grip

Probably the most functional and secure butt grip on the mar...
Prices from 15.00 €

Prologic Avenger Stable Stand

• Compact Stage Stand & Stabiliser • Precision torque screw...
Prices from 17.62 €

Prologic Avenger Rod Pod Kits with Carrycase

• High grade Aluminium • Black Anodised • Fully adjustable...
Prices from 40.48 €

Jaxon Carp Stand HEGEMON CARP

Prepared for three rods. We offer without fishing rods and s...
Prices from 103.33 €

Mivardi Buzzbar 2L Rodpod Professional Front

High quality front buzzbars to increase the variability of R...
Prices from 10.12 €

Mivardi Buzzbar Hardcore

A premium quality stainless steel buzzer bar for two rods, w...
Prices from 28.10 €

Mivardi Buzzbar Green

High quality aluminium buzzbars for three rods with a powder...
Prices from 11.19 €

FOX Ranger MK2 CAMO pod

Fox Camo version of the hugely popular Ranger MK2 rod pod....
Prices from 404.76 €

Prologic Rod Pod K3 Carbon System

Construct using high grade 3K Modulus Carbon. The K3 rod pod...
Prices from 205.71 €

Prologic Rod Pod K1 Low Profile

The K1 Low profile rod pod is the brain child of our highly...
Prices from 133.57 €

Prologic Twin-Sky 2 Rod Multi Pod & Carrycase

A Compact and very versatile 2 rod pod which can cover just...
Prices from 113.10 €

Prologic Rod Pod K1 System 3 rod

Made using the highest aluminium grade tubes available this...
Prices from 195.24 €

Prologic Rod Pod Tri-Sky

• Adjustable legs (Long: 100-180cm) - (Short: 30-50cm) • Su...
Prices from 144.05 €

Prologic Rod Pod Tri-Lux

• Perfect for Big Pit Reels • Lightweight aluminium constru...
Prices from 119.05 €

Prologic Rod Pod Spider

Compact and lightweight, and extremely stable, this rod pod...
Prices from 102.86 €

Jaxon Tripods

Tripods Tripod - base their stands and rollers. Feet, 3-...
Prices from 10.12 €

Jaxon Tripods

Rodpods and Tripods for 2 and 3 rods.
Prices from 61.90 €
Rod pod and tripod are fishing stands for fishing rods invented for the needs of anglers in fishing grounds where stands are lined with gravel or take the form of a pier. Rod pods are extremely helpful when it is impossible to drive a support or a solid seatpost. Rod pods as well as tripods became extremely popular initially among carp anglers. So much so that they became almost their hallmark. Recently, they have gained popularity among supporters of a feeder or traditional ledger tackle.
No wonder, both tripods and rod pods are extremely practical solutions that will allow you to enjoy the charms of fishing regardless of the preferred fishing method or the type of ground - soil, gravel, concrete or mud, a rod pod can be fixed practically everywhere.
Rod pods and tripods are available in variants designed for 2 or 3 rods. They are equipped with threads enabling the installation of electronic bite alrms. Lightweight, convenient to transport, yet stable and sturdy.