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Ryobi Oasys Tele Match

Light and fast telescopic rods for long casting in three dif...
Prices from 45.24 €

Flagman S-Carp Match

Flagman S-Carp Match
New 2024!
Prices from 38.10 €

Flagman Cast Master Tele Match

Flagman Cast Master Tele Match
New 2024!
Prices from 47.62 €

Flagman Cast Master Match

Flagman Cast Master Match
New 2024!
Prices from 46.67 €

Shimano Aero X3 Match Float

Shimano Aero X3 Match Float
New 2024!
The Aero X3 fits perfectly into the middle of the Aero Compe...
Prices from 146.43 €

Ryobi Oasys Carp Match

A group of strong match rods perfectly adjusted to fashionab...
Prices from 49.05 €

Delphin Symbol Match

Rods from the SYMBOL series are literally a symbol of the co...
Prices from 54.29 €

Dragon Mega Baits Black Shadow Match

Light and slim and at the same time very strong match rods....
Prices from 50.00 €

Okuma Rods Solitron Match

SOLITRON MATCH RODS FEATURE: - IM6 Construction - Titanium...
Prices from 45.24 €

DAM Rods Base-X Match

The Base-X Match is a specialized rod for fine float and mat...
Prices from 29.76 €

DAM DETEK Match Rods

The DAM DETEK Match rods convince with a very thin blank dia...
Prices from 77.38 €

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Tele Match TX

Telescopic version of the match rod. The offer includes two...
Prices from 42.86 €

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Match TX Match ZX

3-piece Jaxon Eclatis Match rods for fishing with the refine...
Prices from 46.19 €

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Prima Match

Rods Float Academy Prima Match is a new version of a 3-piece...
Prices from 46.90 €

Jaxon Rods Green Point Match Pro

The Green Point Match Pro rods are 3-piece rods for long dis...
Prices from 51.67 €

Daiwa Aqualite Power Match

Classical match rods with narrow guide arrangement and first...
Prices from 76.10 €

DAM Rods Sensomax II Tele Match

The DAM Sensomax II Tele Match rods have extremely slim blan...
Prices from 41.90 €

DAM Rods Sensomax II Match

The DAM Sensomax II Match rods have extremely slim blanks, g...
Prices from 56.67 €

Ryobi Rods Oasys Pro Float

CARP PRO FLOAT model is equipped with slightly bigger guides...
Prices from 42.38 €

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Tactix Match

Match rods with three different parameters of strength and p...
Prices from 67.05 €

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Match

Light 3-piece distance fishing rods for use with special flo...
Prices from 49.52 €

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Tele Match

MATCH Classical 3 piece rods to English match fishing. Dynam...
Prices from 36.67 €
Match rods as the name suggests, these are rods designed to place float at considerable distances.
Match distance rods usually consisting of three elements, the total length of which oscillates between 3.9-4.5 m.
Equipped with small and light guides, which are placed very densely, they are characterized by a low own weight and great balance, which allows active fishing without symptoms of fatigue. This is the perfect solution when the whip and pole are failing and the fish need to be searched for at a greater distance.
The match fishing method uses sinking lines to avoid pulling the set by wind or waves. A properly selected set should send the set over a considerable distance, and also enable effective hooking and comfortable fighting with the fish.