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Guideline Compline PRO

Guideline Compline PRO
New 2024!
Prices from 39.99 €

Cortland Micron Fly Line Backing

Cortland Micron is the standard by which all fly line backin...
Prices from 13.57 €

Guideline XSTREAM PE Backing Multicolor

Guideline XSTREAM PE Multicolor backing is a brand new, thin...
Prices from 28.33 €

Guideline TSL 2.0 DC Coated Shooting Line

TSL 2.0 is the next generation Tapered Shooting Lines for an...
Prices from 61.19 €

Guideline 4D Tips

These tips have phenomenal turnover and sink fast and correc...
Prices from 45.95 €

Guideline Compline II

The flat Compline II is a little lower indiameter than the o...
Prices from 36.90 €

Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip

Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip is a ready-to-fish setup with...
Prices from 193.57 €

Guideline 4D Compact Body

Guideline 4D Compact are short, powerful and well-balanced b...
Prices from 101.90 €

Guideline 4D Compact Tip

Guideline 4D Compact tips are a perfect match to our 4D Comp...
Prices from 40.95 €

Guideline 3D+ Compact Shooting Heads

Guideline 3D+ Compact Shooting Heads is a modern range of co...
Prices from 99.99 €

Guideline 4D Body

The 4D Bodies are based on a Double Density configuration, w...
Prices from 101.90 €

Guideline Coastal 2.0 Shooting Heads

Guideline Coastal 2.0 Shooting Heads are based on the very p...
Prices from 101.90 €