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Pike and predator leaders
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Westin Plastic beads

Westin Plastic beads
New 2024!
Enhance your fishing rigs with our plastic beads, available...
Prices from 2.40 €

Westin Glass beads

Westin Glass beads
New 2024!
Elevate your rigs with our glass beads, available in transpa...
Prices from 2.80 €

Westin Single crimps

Westin Single crimps
New 2024!
Upgrade your rigging arsenal with our brass single crimps, a...
Prices from 2.40 €

Westin Double Wire Crimp

Westin Double Wire Crimp
New 2024!
Upgrade your terminal tackle with our double wire crimp bras...
Prices from 2.80 €

Delphin Rig Crimps

Crimps designated for securing of final loop on the fluorine...
Prices from 2.59 €

Delphin Single CRIMPS

Use a simple but effective Delphin Single CRIMPS product to...
Prices from 1.84 €

Savage Gear Teaser Trace

Savage Gear Teaser Trace
New 2024!
Prices from 7.76 €

Jenzi FC-Line Carolina-Rig

Fluorescent-Carbon Carolina-Rig with Offset-Hooks - Weighted...
Prices from 3.29 €

Jenzi Fluo-Line Texas-Rig

Fluorocarbon Texas-Rig with Offset-Hooks - Weighted. This Te...
Prices from 3.29 €

Jenzi 7x7 Texas-Rig

7x7 Texas-Rig with Offset-Hooks - Weighted. This Texas- Rig...
Prices from 3.29 €

Delphin BOMB!

Fluorocarbon rig is made of 100% fluocarbon. Thanks to this,...
Prices from 1.53 €

Balzer Shirasu Texas Rig

Classic Texas rig with offset hook, bullet lead (15 g) and b...
Prices from 2.82 €

Balzer Carolina Texas Lazy Lure Combi Rig

The innovative 3-in-1 rig! Thanks to the line stopper the di...
Prices from 2.21 €

Savage Gear Wire Crimps

Perfect black nickel-plated brass crimps to match the Raw49,...
Prices from 3.88 €

Cortland Tie-able Stainless Steel Leader Material

Tie-able Stainless Steel is a supple, nylon-coated, 1x19 con...
Prices from 15.49 €

DAM Effzett Effzett Coated Core 49

Extremely soft,strong and flexible 7x7 (49 strand) brown coa...
Prices from 12.00 €

DAM Effzett Effzett Coated Core 7

Incredibly strong and flexible 1x7 (7 strand) black coated s...
Prices from 5.41 €

Savage Gear Double Barrel Crimps

Perfect for crimping wire, Regenerator mono or the soft Fluo...
Prices from 5.88 €

Savage Gear Leaders Regenerator Trace

Perfectly crimped, clear Regenerator traces with swivels and...
Prices from 3.65 €

Savage Gear Regenerator Mono

The Regenerator is a soft virtually invisible mono line made...
Prices from 5.06 €

Savage Gear Carbon 49

Ultra strong, soft and flexible 49 strand stainless steel wi...
Prices from 17.18 €

Savage Gear Raw 49

Silk soft 49strand stainless steel wire, flexible knot-able,...
Prices from 16.24 €

Dragon Leaders QUICK LOCK Surfstrand 1x7 Classic

Dragon’s QUICK LOCK snaps became a great success launching o...
Prices from 2.02 €

Dragon Leaders QUICK LOCK Surfstrand 7x7 Classic

Dragon’s QUICK LOCK snaps became a great success launching o...
Prices from 2.35 €

Dragon Leaders QUICK LOCK Surflon 7x7 Classic

Dragon’s QUICK LOCK snaps became a great success launching o...
Prices from 2.78 €

Jaxon Sumato AJ-PAE

Package include: 5x2pcs
Prices from 5.41 €

Jaxon Sumato AJ-PAD

Package include: 5x2pcs
Prices from 5.41 €

SPRO Brass collets

Prices from 1.22 €

Dragon Trolling fluorocarbon leader rigging

Japanese fluocarbon is the best material and its 13 kg resis...
Prices from 4.00 €

Dragon Live Bait Leaders with Treble Hook

Equipped with treble, mainly for pike baits. They can be als...
Prices from 3.44 €

Dragon Live Bait Leaders

With single hook, live bait leaders are mainly for perch fis...
Prices from 3.01 €

Dragon Invisible Fluorocarbon leaders

Material as resistant to pike teeth as tungsten leaders. Flu...
Prices from 2.12 €

Spinwal Pike Leaders

The highest, world-class quality pike's leaders made by tung...
Prices from 1.76 €

Jaxon Tungsten Leaders

Leaders made of wolfram braid. Very soft, well contracting a...
Prices from 1.08 €

Spinwal Leaders Surfstrand

Surfstrand leaders are slightly stiffer than wolfram ones an...
Prices from 2.05 €

Dragon Leaders Surfstrand 7x7

A light brown leader without nylon layer. 49 super thin stee...
Prices from 2.26 €

Dragon Steel leaders Surfstrand 1x7

Light brown pike leaders without nylon coating. Braided line...
Prices from 2.02 €
Our set is as strong as its weakest link, which is why our pike and predator leaders range is so extensive.
Of course, without a doubt, the pike leader should be solid, with almost no weak points. However, anglers are increasingly turning to slightly more discreet and subtle materials, including technologically advanced braided leaders (from 7 to even 49 strands). Such leaders are characterized by increased resistance to deformation, and sometimes allow a more natural presentation of the bait.
We have leader materials and all the necessary accessories to make great pike leaders, all from well-known and respected fishing brands.