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Spinning Tail Lures - Tail Spinner lures
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DUO Tetra Works SPIN

The key to decipher different depths. The Tetra Works Spin i...
Prices from 14.82 €

DUO Realis Spin

Conquer the field! A tail-spin type lure is ready to stimula...
Prices from 14.82 €

Manyfik Monster

Prices from 7.65 €

Westin DropBite Spin Tail Jig lures

This version of the popular Dropbite incorporates a new prod...
Prices from 9.18 €

Jenzi Spin-Jig

Baitfish Spin-Jig Manufactured with Zinc, this Spin-Jig bait...
Prices from 4.00 €

Jaxon Holo Reflex Rapid Lures TSB

A series of effective lures designed for catching perch, tro...
Prices from 4.24 €

Jaxon Holo Reflex Rapid Lures TSA

The narrow and compact body imitates a small fish. Due to th...
Prices from 3.81 €

Jackson Igajig Spin

Mastering the art of middle depth fishing will open a new do...
Prices from 13.41 €

Illex Deracoup 1oz

This small tail spinner is ideal for quickly covering water....
Prices from 15.76 €

FOX Rage Ultra UV Big Eye Spin

- Compact body design for longer casts - Big eye design for...
Prices from 5.76 €

Jenzi Phantom-F Spinning-Jig

The small fast sinking body, ideal for long casts and spin-f...
Prices from 2.94 €

Jenzi Phantom-F Spinner Jig 2

The long yet heavy body makes it ideal for long casts and fo...
Prices from 3.53 €

Jenzi Phantom-F Spinner Jig 1

The slender and yet heavy body provides for long casts and s...
Prices from 6.24 €

Jenzi Spinner-Jig

Jenzi Spinner Jig Lead-Head Its slender yet weighted Lead-He...
Prices from 3.53 €

Jenzi Mini Spinner Set

So small as they are, how great their results. These are the...
Prices from 6.59 €

Nories In The Bait Bass

IN THE BAIT: BASS has been designed to eliminate the problem...
Prices from 14.12 €

Savage Gear Fat Tail Spin (NL)

A highly versatile, long casting, zinc alloy lure with a gre...
Prices from 7.41 €

Westin Lures DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig

At Westin we love lures that are long casting and easy to fi...
Prices from 11.06 €

SPRO FreeStyle Scouta Jig Spinner

These tiny jig spinners are perfect for flicking out between...
Prices from 6.47 €

Illex Lures Deracoup 3/4oz

This small tail spinner is perfect for quickly exploring wat...
Prices from 16.00 €

Illex Lures Deracoup 1/2oz

This small tail spinner is perfect for quickly exploring wat...
Prices from 15.06 €

Illex Lures Deracoup 3/8oz

This small tail spinner is perfect for quickly exploring wat...
Prices from 15.06 €

Illex Deracoup 1/4oz Lures

This small tail spinner is perfect for quickly exploring wat...
Prices from 15.06 €

Manyfik Lures Miki

This is our novelty for 2022. The high quality of our lures...
Prices from 4.82 €

SPRO Lures ASP Spinner UV Zinc

Our lightest ASP spinners are made from Zinc to keep the bod...
Prices from 4.71 €

Savage Gear Lures 3D Sticklebait Tailspin

This hugely versatile, long-casting lure has an amazing acti...
Prices from 8.12 €

SPRO Spinning Tail Lures ASP Speed Spinner UV

Long in form for a long cast and fast action. The ASP Speed...
Prices from 6.12 €

Molix Spinning Tail Lures Trago Spin Tail Willow

Innovative lure with a compact profile and ultra-realistic s...
Prices from 12.00 €

Shimano Lures Bantam BT Spin

The Bantam BT Spin is a versatile lure which can be used bot...
Prices from 11.76 €

DUO Lures Spearhead Ryuki Spin

A blade spinner that stimulates trout's eating habits, visio...
Prices from 13.41 €

Deps Kro Spintail

The Deps KRO Spin Tail lures provoke bites thanks to their w...
Prices from 15.29 €

SPRO Lures ASP Spinner UV

One of the original spinners of its kind on the market is no...
Prices from 5.88 €

SPRO Lures ASP Spinner XL

The one and only. The original SPRO ASP spinner has got bigg...
Prices from 8.47 €

Spinmad Pro Spinner 11g

Spinmad PRO SPINNER lure with a length of 85 mm and a weight...
Prices from 7.65 €

Tiemco Lures Riot Blade

Innovative Snagless Spin Tail Jigs. No more fear of losing l...
Prices from 10.00 €

Manyfik Lures Jerry

The Jerry is a lure designed for demanding anglers. Meeting...
Prices from 4.24 €

Balzer Lures Colonel Spin Buddy Evil Eye Plastic Body

The new generation of our Spin Buddies has undergone a compl...
Prices from 6.59 €

Balzer Lures Colonel Spin Buddy Evil Eye

The new generation of our Spin Buddies has undergone a compl...
Prices from 6.00 €

Gunki Lures Jiger 35 S

Thanks to its exceptional density the JIGGER can be worked t...
Prices from 8.00 €

Gunki Lures Jiger 55 S

The dense body of the Jiger lets you work different water la...
Prices from 9.41 €
Spinning tail lures are extremely simple and at the same time extremely effective fishing lures, combining the features of jigs and spinnerbaits. A heavy body equipped with a rotating blade that increases the visibility of the lure and irritates the fish with a hydroacoustic wave. This lure works great both in the drop and during classic lead. The possibility of casting long casts with these lures is noteworthy.
Twirling tails lures come in various variants and sizes, so they can be used to successfully catch pike, perch, chub, ide or trout.
In our store you can buy Spinmad, Manyfik, Illex and other brands, including Japanese.