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Jaxon Jaxon method feeder fishing chair KZH110

Very strong and stable chairs with adjustable backrest, leg...
Prices from 80.24 €

Jaxon Armchair Feeder Comfort

Dimensions: 70 x 59 x (30/85)/141 cm.
Prices from 116.47 €

Delphin ATOMA RaceBASE

RaceBase is a premium feeder chair that will attract the att...
Prices from 89.41 €

Delphin Eazy TRANS

Incredibly practical, effective and at the same time complet...
Prices from 19.53 €

Prologic Chair Bag

Protecting your carp fishing or seating equipment while in s...
Prices from 44.24 €

Delphin Chair VISION C2G

VISION is the smallest model among Delphin carp chairs. Desp...
Prices from 63.53 €

Dragon Folding chair Megabaits

Small, light chair with functional bag for accessories place...
Prices from 17.41 €

Dragon Folding chair with backrest Megabaits

Fishing chair with backrest with functional bag for accessor...
Prices from 20.47 €

Mivardi Armchair Chair Comfort

A luxurious chair manufactured in a new design with a unique...
Prices from 81.18 €

Prologic Avenger Bed & Guest Camo Chair

• Generously padded mattress • Avenger camo pattern • Mult...
Prices from 64.94 €

Prologic Avenger Camo Chair

• Generously padded mattress • Avenger camo pattern • Adju...
Prices from 64.94 €

Prologic Armchair Inspire Lite-Pro Recliner Chair With Armrests

• Armrests • Air-Tex removable armrest covers • MCP Waterp...
Prices from 100.00 €

Prologic Armchair Inspire Daddy Long Recliner Chair with Armrest

The new generation of Inspire chairs has arrived! Taking com...
Prices from 156.94 €

Prologic Armchair Avenger Comfort Camo Chair with Armrest & Covers

• Sumptuously padded mattress • Avenger camo pattern • Adj...
Prices from 88.47 €

Prologic Armchair Inspire Relax Chair with Armrest

• Armrests • Air-Tex Breathable base & backrest • MCP Wate...
Prices from 123.53 €

DAM Madcat Madcat Camofish Chair

Robust, strong and comfortable steel chair featuring adjusta...
Prices from 106.59 €

FOX Duralite XL Chair

Based on top-selling Duralite chair but for anglers that pre...
Prices from 151.06 €

Jaxon Chair KZH111

Dimensions: 35 x 31 x 43/80 cm. Frame diameter: 19 mm. Wei...
Prices from 31.53 €

Jaxon Chair KZH109

Prices from 82.12 €

DAM Fighter PRO Chair

Cool little angling chair with back rest and thick nylon fab...
Prices from 35.29 €

Jaxon Chairs

Prices from 9.65 €

Jaxon Armchairs

Fishing chairs is a perfect product for those who like to fe...
Prices from 56.47 €
A comfortable fishing chair is one of the most important items of equipment for every carp, float or ground angler. Many-hour trips to the water, and sometimes, in particular, several days' sessions, cannot do without a comfortable armchair. Carp anglers can say something about it, they are the ones who most often buy the best models of carp chairs.
A carp chair must be durable, well-profiled and have comfortable armrests.

Apart from comfortable fishing chairs, which in many cases can even be used as a bed (they can be significantly lowered, but they will never replace a good bed, but for one night it is also a good option).

Carp fishing chairs are available in more mobile versions, especially compared to fishing chairs they are smaller, and sometimes the smallest models of chairs can be transported in a backpack or a larger bag.