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Carp Fishing Monofilament Lines
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Delphin RODEO Red

Very high knot strength, excellent load capacity, and almost...
Prices from 7.65 €

Shimano Technium Tribal line

Technium Tribal is a low stretch sinking mono that combines...
Prices from 30.59 €

Dragon Guide Select

Prices from 9.88 €

Dragon Team Mega Baits Ultra Soft Carp

Carp line for the most advanced anglers, produced in Japan b...
Prices from 6.12 €

Shimano Technium line

The triple core technology in Technium mono has always made...
Prices from 10.82 €

Prologic XD Distance Mono

Discovering new and innovative manufacturing techniques is s...
Prices from 14.35 €

Delphin Mamba Carp / Fire

Excellent carp monofilament line with a unique 3D pattern. M...
Prices from 15.76 €

FOX Monofilament Lines Carp Mono

Perfect all round Monofilament main line. Low-vis green. Gre...
Prices from 11.41 €

Quantum Quattron Salsa

Transparent red line with outstanding qualities. The red col...
Prices from 52.47 €

Korda LongChuck Tapered Leaders

These shock leaders have been designed specifically for long...
Prices from 11.06 €

Korda Monofilament Lines LongChuck Tapered Mainline Clear

The Long Chuck Tapered Mainline has been designed for castin...
Prices from 16.47 €

Korda Monofilament Lines LongChuck Clear

The new Long Chuck main line has been designed specifically...
Prices from 31.06 €

Korda Monofilament Lines Basix Main Line

The BASIX Main Line is a brilliant all-round line that offer...
Prices from 10.00 €

FOX Exocet Distance Casting Monofilament fishing line

Based on the immensely popular Exocet Distance Casting Monof...
Prices from 24.71 €

Mivardi Monofilament Lines Lumix Mainline

A unique line with special camouflage technology. Its colour...
Prices from 16.94 €

Mivardi Monofilament Lines CamoCODE Mainline

Top class carp fishing line. Its variable colouring in four...
Prices from 15.53 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Mega Baits Obsession Carp and Feeder

Each method of fishing brings different expectations of its...
Prices from 3.67 €

Sufix Tritanium 1/4LBS monofilament line

Designed for the harsh saltwater environment, Sufix Tritaniu...
Prices from 9.41 €

Prologic Monofilament Lines Density Distance Carp Mono

The Perfect Hi-visual monofilament. Density Distance Mono ha...
Prices from 25.18 €

FOX Monofilament Lines Adaptive Camouflage Soft Steel

Our legendry Soft Steel line is now available with an improv...
Prices from 26.35 €

Prologic Density Carp Mono Lines

A high-density monofilament Prologic Density Carp Mono which...
Prices from 16.47 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines X-Treme Match

Modern line adapted to the needs of anglers fishing with flo...
Prices from 2.35 €

Korda Carp Line

Ff you’re looking for a tough, reliable line that won’t cost...
Prices from 18.12 €

Korda Adrena-Line

Prices from 31.53 €

Prologic Monofilament Lines XLNT HP Moss Green

Matt finish moss green, offering maximum camouflage ability...
Prices from 10.59 €

Prologic Mimicry Green Helo Monofilament

New Mimicry pattern with three shades of green, perfectly to...
Prices from 24.71 €

Prologic Mimicry 3D Camo Mirage XP

With the mimicry pattern the lines, the profile is totally a...
Prices from 22.35 €

Prologic Monofilament Lines XLNT HP

Improved version of our glorious and famous XLNT. Thanks to...
Prices from 8.94 €

FOX Exocet Mono Trans Khaki line

• Low visibility Trans Khaki blends virtually disappears on...
Prices from 18.82 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Specialist Pro - Carp & Feeder

Designed especially for anglers fishing for carp and other l...
Prices from 6.00 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines MEGA BAITS Carp Mono

Dragon MEGA BAITS Carp Mono Camouflage carp monofilament wi...
Prices from 11.65 €

GURU Pulse Line

Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology wit...
Prices from 14.35 €

GURU Drag-Line

Drag-Line is a robust, performance mono that’s been designed...
Prices from 6.12 €

Gamakatsu Monofilament Lines G-Line Element

This very tough yet smooth-surfaced co-polymer reel line com...
Prices from 13.18 €

Gamakatsu Monofilament Lines G-Line Camon

A Mula nylon monofilament line with unique features; the spe...
Prices from 24.94 €
Carp fishing is a hobby that knows no compromise, and the power of the set is determined by its weakest element. Therefore, all elements must be reliable and regularly checked over, especially the carp fishing lines. To catch huge fish, we must be sure of the power of the set, but also of its other properties such as stretchiness and resistance to mechanical damage. Many times we will fish over a long distance, in a fishery full of vegetation or colonies of duck mussels.
The specificity of fishing in these conditions defines the basic features of the carp fishing line, such as its thickness and... quantity, because let's be honest, the powerful big-pit reel will not be satisfied with only 100 metres reserve of the line. Here, the producers of high-end carp fishing lines come to the rescue, offering their products packaged on reels of 300, 600, 1000, and more metres. Fishing lines resistant to external conditions, both discreet, intended for fishing in clean water, and bright, facilitating control over the set and the towed fish.
A wide range of carp fishing lines will satisfy anyone who needs a carp fishing line for a large carp reel, wanting to catch a carp with carp equipment.