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Prologic Mirror Carp Joggers

Prologic Mirror Carp Joggers
New 2024!
Stay warm and comfortable while fishing and show your passio...
Prices from 40.94 €

Savage Gear SG4 Combat Trousers

Savage Gear SG4 Combat Trousers
New 2024!
Be ready for anything your fishing trip can throw at you wit...
Prices from 71.53 €

Westin W4 Trousers

Westin W4 Trousers
New 2023!
100% nylon Taslan Oxford fabric 100% nylon Taslan r...
Prices from 102.02 €

Westin W4 Bibs

Westin W4 Bibs
New 2023!
100% nylon Taslan Oxford fabric 100% nylon Taslan r...
Prices from 110.49 €

Westin W6 Rain Bib

Westin W6 Rain Bib
New 2023!
Beat the elements and keep fishing with the Westin W6 Rain B...
Prices from 141.18 €

Prologic Storm Safe Trousers

Prologic Storm Safe Trousers
New 2023!
Ensure your next carp fishing adventure is warm, dry, and co...
Prices from 38.59 €

DAM Iconic Trousers

DAM Iconic Trousers
New 2023!
The do-it-all trousers for active anglers – the Iconic are h...
Prices from 55.06 €

Savage Gear Fighter

Savage Gear Fighter
New 2023!
For anglers who want to stay on the move and take all their...
Prices from 60.99 €

Norfin Verity Pro Gr Pants

Multiseason bibs with a sportive design will fit not only fi...
Prices from 183.53 €

Savage Gear Regenerator Joggers Kombu Green

When the weather gets tough, Savage Gear anglers get tougher...
Prices from 44.80 €

Shimano Gore-Tex Warm Rain Pants

The Gore-Tex Warm Rain Pants are the perfect partner for the...
Prices from 152.94 €

Savage Gear Trousers SG4 Bib & Brace Olive Green

When battle commences with a big fish, the last thing you wa...
Prices from 105.60 €

Prologic Combat Shorts

Take everything you need on your next warm and sunny trip to...
Prices from 35.76 €

Savage Gear Trousers Tec-Foam Joggers

Keep warm and look good while doing it with these new tec-fo...
Prices from 48.94 €

Savage Gear Marine Shorts

Don’t worry about getting wet on your next fishing trip with...
Prices from 32.75 €

Savage Gear Fighter Shorts

The do-it-all shorts with more practical pockets than you wi...
Prices from 40.66 €

Prologic Trousers Carpio Joggers

Designed for your comfort, whether out on the bank or at hom...
Prices from 38.59 €

DAM Madcat Trousers Madcat Mega Logo Joggers

New high-quality joggers, designed for warm and comfort. •...
Prices from 41.65 €

FOX Trousers Collection HD Green Trouser

- 300D Polyester Oxford reinforced sculpted knee panels -...
Prices from 68.94 €

FOX Trousers Collection Green & Silver Joggers

- Green and silver fleck pullcords - Silver logo embroide...
Prices from 47.53 €

Savage Gear Trousers WP Performance Bib&Brace Black Grey

Technical B&B in WP performance highly duable fabric and des...
Prices from 93.55 €

Westin Trousers W6 Rain Pants

Don't let rain keep you from fishing. The Westin W6 Rain Pan...
Prices from 112.38 €

Prologic Trousers Bank Bound Camo Bib & Brace

A lot of the body heat disappears from the large muscle grou...
Prices from 61.18 €

Scierra Trousers Helmsdale Fishing Trousers

100% waterproof trousers that is 100% intended for fishing b...
Prices from 51.76 €

Scierra Trousers Helmsdale Stretch

The Helmsdale Stretch Trousers are made for an active lifest...
Prices from 42.35 €

Imax ARX Thermo Bib & Brace

Introducing a new lightweight , warm Arx Bib & Brace • Dura...
Prices from 43.53 €

Savage Gear WP Performance Trousers

Technical, durable set in modern design • Nylon Taslo...
Prices from 89.41 €

Prologic RealTree Fishing B&B Trousers

Introducing B&B in new RealTree fishing pattern providing an...
Prices from 70.59 €

Savage Gear Heatlite Thermo B&B

Technical deluxe thermo B&B in durable light-weight material...
Prices from 65.13 €

Savage Gear Simply Savage Trousers

Great urban outdoor trousers designed with perfect fit in du...
Prices from 64.94 €


Ultra lightweight winter B&B to fit LitePro Jacket as a set....
Prices from 68.24 €

Jaxon Jaxon Gardeners trousers UJ-FXZ

New Jaxon Gardeners trousers. With this series are availa...
Prices from 70.35 €

Jaxon Rainproof clothes Prestige

Range made from Plavitex material, 100% waterproof. Clothes...
Prices from 31.53 €

Jaxon Hoodie Moro

Prices from 25.88 €
Fishing Trousers are practical and suitable for various fishing methods. Trousers can be divided into several subgroups:
- Waterproof fishing Trousers - the weather does not spoil and often breaks down, then waterproof clothing saves the situation and we can continue fishing comfortably
- Bib & Brace called dungarees or Bib, because that's how they are also described. A very good choice for anglers fishing from a boat or those fishing from a sitting position. The higher back protects our back from the cold.
- Summer Fishing Trousers - light and mobile, often made of breathable materials, which also dry quickly.
In our online fishing shop you will find more different types of clothes for every season.