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Savage Gear WPMP Cooler Bag L

This waterproof cooler bag is made from a super durable EVA...
Prices from 57.14 €

Dragon Spinning shoulder bag DGN

Bag 91-09-007 - Medium-sized spinning bag, equipped with a s...
Prices from 51.90 €

Dragon Reel bag - DGN

A bag with movable, soft compartments for packing reels and...
Prices from 32.86 €

Jaxon Bag for groundbait XE01

Jaxon Bag for groundbait XE01
New 2024!
Prices from 7.62 €

Matrix Ethos Pro Feeder Bag

Designed to carry quantities of feeders or accessories...
Prices from 55.95 €

Matrix Ethos Tackle & Bait Bag

Designed to carry bait, tackle and accessories Main...
Prices from 60.71 €

Matrix Ethos Large Carryall

Classic match carryall design Main compartment for...
Prices from 86.90 €

DAM Bags O.T.T. EVA Accesorie Bag M

• EVA Base with clear PVC lid • Oversized non-corrosive nyl...
Prices from 26.67 €

Delphin Thermal bag with dining set Area FullCOOL + Carpath

Delphin Area FullCOOL+ Carpath is a thermo bag also equipped...
Prices from 57.86 €

Guideline Experience Waistbag 6

This is a smart and very useful waist bag that gives you ple...
Prices from 129.99 €

Guideline ULBC Waistbag 3

This small and lightweight waist bag gives you plenty of joy...
Prices from 101.90 €

Simms GTS Reel Vault

Crush- and weather-resistant mini-suitcase for organizing an...
Prices from 119.05 €

Westin W3 Leg Bag

The W3 Leg Bag is ideal for bank fishing and street fishing....
Prices from 37.86 €

Westin W3 Tool Bag

Store your tools and pliers in this cleverly thought out W3...
Prices from 44.29 €

Delphin WetNET Atoma

Delphin WetNET Atoma is a waterproof bag, rectangular in sha...
Prices from 21.19 €

Delphin WetNET Keep

Delphin WetNET Keep is a waterproof bag specially designed f...
Prices from 18.10 €

Prologic Accessory Bags Avenger

• 600D Rip-stop Waterproof fabric • Fully Padded & removabl...
Prices from 13.10 €

Rapala Sportsman’s 10 Tackle Belt

This tackle belt is the epitome of portable. Small in size y...
Prices from 23.10 €

DAM DAM Steelpower Blue Pilk Container Large

Big pilk bag, made of 100%, 600D nylon. Has 24 compartments,...
Prices from 54.05 €

FOX Pouch Aquos Camo Bait Belt

The perfect mobile, baiting, stalking, floater fishing pouch...
Prices from 25.00 €

Simms Freestone Chest Pack

Freestone Chest Pack gets where it needs to go with multiple...
Prices from 99.90 €

Simms Freestone Hip Pack

Comfortable, modular and designed to carry everything you ne...
Prices from 161.90 €

Daiwa Black Widow Cool Bag

The new black widow cool bag is perfect for any day or overn...
Prices from 37.14 €

Delphin 4xBokz SPACE bags set

The base of this set is an XL bag that can hold all the othe...
Prices from 49.05 €

Delphin Area Boilie Carpath Net bag

Net bag designed for storing or drying boilles when fishing...
Prices from 20.71 €

Delphin Area Lead Carpath Bag

Lead bag was designed for keeping fishing leads or feeders....
Prices from 24.52 €

Delphin Area Easy Carpath Bag

Delphin AREA is top-class series of bags designed for carp f...
Prices from 15.24 €

Delphin Area Cool Carpath Bag

COOLBAG is a bag designed for transport of baits or food wit...
Prices from 38.10 €

Delphin Blokz Carryall Space C2g Bag

After introducing a unique BLOKZ backpack, we thought about...
Prices from 73.81 €

Delphin Area Buzz Carpath Bag

Urban fishing or short trips, no problem for BUZZ, this comp...
Prices from 23.33 €

Delphin Area Reel Carpath Bag

REEL is a cushioned case for reels which will store your tre...
Prices from 28.57 €

Delphin Area Carry Carpath bag

Carryall is a very practical bag for storing fishing accesso...
Prices from 57.86 €

Delphin Area Carryall L Carpath Bag

AREA CARRY CARPATH L complements the CARRY CARPATH range wit...
Prices from 48.10 €

Delphin Area Rigstation Carpath bag

To store all of your equipment and rigs was always a struggl...
Prices from 42.14 €

DAM Camovision technical bag

Small bag, not meant for bulky tackle, but more for delicate...
Prices from 34.52 €

Westin W3 Vertical Master Bag

The W3 Vertical Master Bag is the perfect solution to keep e...
Prices from 126.19 €

Westin Bag W3 Waist Pack

Place it around your waist and keep all your fishing gear cl...
Prices from 139.05 €

Westin Bag W3 Accessory Bag

If you like to bring a lot of tackle and accessories, the W3...
Prices from 88.57 €

Westin Bag W3 Jumbo Lure Loader

The name says it all - the W3 Jumbo Lure Loader comes with d...
Prices from 128.81 €
Regardless of which fishing method we prefer - from spinning through the feeder or the classic float fishing and sea angling - we will experience a number of logistical problems. After all, we must be prepared for every contingency, and by the water we want to have absolutely everything that may prove useful. The size of luggage taken to the water can be overwhelming, and none of us likes it when it turns out that the thing you need is at home, because it could not be packed. Chaos and mess in fishing luggage effectively discourages us from fishing, and ergonomics and comfort are very important elements of fishing - they make it more pleasant and effective. Fishing bags come to the rescue here, and current offer is so extensive that everyone will find something for themselves. We present fishing bags for various purposes. Spinning fishing bags with boxes, practical haversacks, ergonomic and spacious carp bags or huge grips that will allow you to pack almost all your fishing belongings.