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EVA containers
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Delphin EVAREA Set

Delphin EVAREA Set is a practical set of three plastic bags...
Prices from 42.86 €

Prologic Element Camo Water Bucket

Our specially designed Element Camo water buckets are ideal...
Prices from 20.71 €

Prologic Element Trans-Camo Rig & Water Buckets

When is a water bucket not just a water bucket? When it doub...
Prices from 21.67 €

Prologic Element Storm-Safe Cool & Air Dry Dait Bags

Our new Element Storm-Safe cool bait bags do exactly as thei...
Prices from 48.57 €

Preston Supera Drop Bucket

A must have when fishing venues that are some way above the...
Prices from 16.93 €

Preston Supera Pellet Wetter

Allows you to regulate the amount of time pellets are soaked...
Prices from 24.00 €

GURU Fusion Box Safe

The Fusion Box Safe has been designed to maximise space unde...
Prices from 73.57 €

Prologic Element Storm Safe Accessory Bags

Designed to give a wide range of options to customise your l...
Prices from 9.52 €

Prologic Element Storm Safe Barrow Bag

Optimise your space with our expertly designed range of drop...
Prices from 33.33 €

GURU Guru Fusion Case

- Water resistant - Lightweight and versatile - Strong, du...
Prices from 25.00 €

FOX Rage Voyager Camo Welded Accessory Bags

Keep your smaller items stored safely with the evolution of...
Prices from 15.48 €

Jaxon Case EVA

EVA Containers Modern and very practical containers made of...
Prices from 9.05 €

Jaxon Round bowl EVA

EVA Containers Modern and very practical containers made of...
Prices from 8.21 €

Jaxon Case EVA with transparent lid

EVA Containers Modern and very practical containers made of...
Prices from 13.10 €

Savage Gear Lure Bags WPMP EVA

You’ll wonder how you ever coped without these waterproof, m...
Prices from 11.31 €

Preston Supera Small EVA Accessory Case

Ideal for small hooklength cases as well as a wide range of...
Prices from 15.00 €

Preston Supera Large EVA Accessory Case

The perfect hooklength case storage system. Will hold combin...
Prices from 29.14 €

Preston Supera XS EVA Accessory Cases

Ideal for a wide range of small accessories from CAD pots to...
Prices from 24.00 €

EVA fishing boxes have been a hit in recent years. They are becoming more and more popular with a variety of anglers, from those fishing for carp, through those fishing with a float or method feeder.

Containers, eva boxes, and even buckets are products made of EVA containing vinyl acetate, and its content determines how hard or flexible the final product is.

EVA containers can be divided into different types, mainly first of all, these are open containers that are used to hold the bait, and it is also extremely popular among feeder fans or the method of storing prepared groundbait or pellets.

Angles who fish for carp or others who prefer classic ground methods in eva containers with with a closure they store sinkers and other fishing accessories. In addition, in these containers made of eva material, you can prepare pellets for the method (just pour it with the right amount of water, close it and leave it to absorb).

In our online fishing store there are eva containers in various configurations and dimensions. Available models and sets of valued brands such as Preston, Guru, Prologic and others.