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YGK Braided lines Veragass PE X8

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Made in Japan

Braided lines dedicated to coastal fishing, highly resistant to salt water. YGK Veragass PE X8 braids are characterized by high abrasion resistance and good protection against color loss. A large selection of sizes allows you to match braided lines to your type of fishing.

Braided lines Veragass PE X8

Braided lines dedicated to coastal fishing, highly resistant to salt water. YGK Veragass PE X8 braids are characterized by high abrasion resistance and good protection against color loss. A large selection of sizes allows you to match braided lines to your type of fishing.
70 years of history YGK starting from "Yotsu Amitsuri and Nakanishi Factory" established in 1945. To create XBRAID based on the DNA that challenges technological innovation and the accumulated achievements. Made in Japan technology is alive in every detail along with world standard technology.

Saburo Nakanishi who trained in the era of this fishing line and artificial fishing line. Founded in 1945 as "Yotsu Amitsuri and Nakanishi Factory". In 1950, the four-piece fishing line research institute fishing and factory was established behind Fukura Station on Awaji Island. In 1953, acquired a utility model of "quarter knitting", a fishing thread that does not loosen and does not twist. From twisted yarn to braided yarn, that is our roots.
In 1989, Yotsuami Tsuri and Nakanishi Factory became independent from the manufacturing department and incorporated, and Shigeru Nakanishi established YGG Co., Ltd. In the era when road yarns changed from nylon monofilaments and polyester fishing braids to PE lines, he made numerous inventions and invented the string-making method that is the basis of the WX method in 2005. "Thinner, stronger, fishing thread changes tools and fishing methods. If you make a good one, it will be accepted. One day, I want to show the best line to the world under the brand XBraid." That word triggered the launch of a new brand. I did.
And in the first year of Reiwa, the baton was handed over to the new management team. With the words of the previous president in mind, combining handed down technology and new ideas, the best line in the world is the beginning of XBRAID.

Originally developed "WX method" that changed the concept of PE line.
1 weight 1 weight is carefully assembled to create a tough line with high quality.
The ultimate is what we are pursuing. There is no end to the challenge of evolution.

Almost all lines called PE lines are woven by a string-making method called square striking. The yarn wound around the bobbin, which rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, is pulled out little by little and knitted while crossing each other to form a single line. Just like when the line is released from the spinning reel, the yarn twists when the yarn is pulled out from the bobbin. At that time, if the bobbin in the clockwise direction is assembled clockwise, the bobbin in the counterclockwise direction is counterclockwise, and the raw yarn is twisted accurately, the line will be straight and well-balanced without one twist.
However, conventional string making machines did not have a mechanism to achieve this accurately. Therefore, we have developed the structure of the string making machine in-house, and carefully manufactured and assembled the string making machine body with one weight and one weight.

Strong and sticky. The line woven by the WX method is woven with the clockwise and counterclockwise yarns facing each other. Therefore, the balance is excellent and the straight line strength is high. For example, even if you twist the rubber band with the rubber band, it will return to the original ring if you release it. Since it is untwisted, the action of returning to the original state works and it is difficult to twist. The fact that it is difficult to twist means that even when the knot is assembled, the stitches are hard to float, and the strong loss due to the stitches floating is suppressed. In addition, because it is tightly twisted, it has the advantages of excellent wear resistance and good drainage because it is firmly solidified, for example, like a rag that has been squeezed hard.
And above all, because it tries to return to its original state by its own power, the structural elongation and strength at the time of design lasts for a long time, so you can use it for a long time with the same fishing feeling.
We are developing exclusively for each product, and we continue to develop a line that makes you feel "tough" with the optimum balance for each fishing species.

Since the PE line is a braided yarn, the knitting is open, so it does not have a curl and is a supple feature, but on the other hand, it has no waist and it is easy for the yarn to get entangled. It also has the disadvantage of poor drainage. In addition, because it is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin, it has the disadvantages of poor adhesiveness and the coating applied to raise the waist is easy to peel off.
Further evolve the inherited technology. We are constantly evolving to create the ultimate line. In 2019, we launched a double-structured PE line in which sheath yarn is woven around the core yarn by the WX method. In addition to the structural waist due to the core-sheath structure of this line, the coating has become longer-lasting by applying pressure-type resin processing. This technology has been further evolved, for example, as a coating agent for automobiles, a polymer that heals even minor scratches is commercially available. In this way, the coating of the line also has the function of self-repairing, and we are working on the development aiming at the ideal line where the waist lasts for a long time.

It owns the world's largest line manufacturing factory, and currently 7 factories are in operation.
We have achieved both high quality and stable supply by creating a line that makes full use of our proprietary manufacturing plant.
Aiming for the world's No. 1 productivity, we are also proceeding with a construction plan for a new factory.

An "environmentally friendly" company should be a "people friendly" company.
Based on that idea, we will continue to take on the challenge of technological innovation and carry out multifaceted activities.
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in which people, the sea and forests coexist.

Environmental Initiatives
Recently, marine pollution caused by microplastics has emerged as a universal issue. As a fishing line manufacturer that handles petroleum lumber everywhere, from spools to packaging, centered on the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material line, it is a corporate society to seriously address environmental issues and promote efforts for improvement. We recognize that it is our responsibility. Improve harmony with nature and protect the future of fishing and industry. With that aspiration in mind, we will shape what we can and should do one by one.

Example of efforts:
Adoption of a package using FSC certified material.
Development and adoption of "Velospool" and "Soft spool" to reduce plastic waste by reducing the weight of the material and devising the shape. In addition, the amount of plastic used in the packaging used for upgrades has been reduced by 46% compared to 2008.
Introduction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation modules and installation of rainwater storage tanks at line manufacturing plants.
How it will be done in the future
Using recycled paper, biomass materials, biomass-derived biodegradable resins, etc.
Change to "eco spool" or "biodegradable spool".
Promote material recycling and increase the amount of recycled plastic used.
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