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Blade baits
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Illex Knockin Jaw 3/8

Illex Knockin Jaw 3/8
New 2024!
Anglers who know how good blade baits are will see immediate...
Prices from 16.24 €

Illex Runner blade 70

The RUNNER BLADE family is expanding with a junior version!...
Prices from 15.41 €

LiveTarget Sonic Shad Blade Bait

The LIVETARGET Sonic Shad mimics a young shad fluttering in...
Prices from 12.47 €

SPRO Trout Master Zocka Blade

Zocka Blade is a tiny vibration lure which can be tied on to...
Prices from 4.82 €

Qu-on Reaction Bomb

Turn switch on of bass with quick response and amazing balan...
Prices from 3.06 €

Jackson Blade baits Teppan Vib 3g, 5g, 7g

Cast ability and response, strong undulation are achieved in...
Prices from 6.59 €

Jaxon HR Vibro Micro

Prices from 1.88 €

Jenzi Phantom-F Spinner Jig 1

The slender and yet heavy body provides for long casts and s...
Prices from 6.24 €

Jaxon Hr Vibro Slim

Jaxon HR Vibro Slim cicadas are multi-purpose lures, they ar...
Prices from 2.07 €

Deps Huge Circuit Vib

The Deps Huge Circuit Vibe Blade Bait, meticulously designed...
Prices from 15.29 €

Deps Circuit Vib

The Deps Circuit Vibe Blade Bait, meticulously designed and...
Prices from 8.24 €

Tiemco Blade baits Bounce Tracer

Super snagless capability. New generation of metal vibration...
Prices from 10.71 €

Jaxon Lures Holo Reflex Switch Blade

Exclusive series of great designed cicada lures. 3 holes for...
Prices from 2.73 €

Jaxon Lures Holo Reflex Vibro

HR VIBRO lures feature interesting, aggressive action. Four...
Prices from 2.26 €

Molix Blade baits Trago Vib

The Molix Trago Vib is a “metal concept lure ” excellent for...
Prices from 10.71 €

Savage Gear Blade baits Vib Blade

Long casting finesse blade, that vibrates and flashes on ret...
Prices from 7.60 €

DAM Sea lures Salt-X Pilk Blade Lures

Fabulously looking lead fish that can be used in the classic...
Prices from 8.94 €

Savage Gear Switch Blade Minnow

A Duo action blade lure, with a unique action style. With th...
Prices from 7.06 €

Manyfik Blade Baits Manyfik

Agressive action - with the possibility to adjust amplitude...
Prices from 3.88 €

Spinmad Blade baits Uklejka (bleak)

A very successful imitation of fry. Intense vibration and sm...
Prices from 4.59 €

Spinmad Blade baits King

KING 12g A lighter version of the KING 18g cicada. Perfect...
Prices from 6.94 €

Spinmad Blade baits Hart

The most universal cicada in our offer. The size and weight...
Prices from 5.29 €

Spinmad Blade baits Ćma (moth)

ĆMA 2.5g It is a unique bait with a shape and original colo...
Prices from 4.00 €

Spinmad Blade baits Amazonka

It''s a great cicada to light spinning, perfect for rivers a...
Prices from 4.82 €
Blade baits are extremely interesting predator fishing lures that were originally used to catch bass. Anglers truly appreciate their effectiveness and versatility. Currently, blade baits are an excellent choice for catching perch or zander, and often, you can even find a pike at the end of your spinning set. Smaller varieties of blade baits are very popular among river anglers. This is due to the versatility of this bait and the possibility of adjusting the action to the nature of the fishery. The smallest models are perfect for chub or trout fishing.
The blade bait owes its effectiveness to its unique action with variable amplitude. To change the frequency of work, eyelets are used to mount the bait. An important advantage of this bait is its weight, which enables us to make long casts and present it at greater depths. You will appreciate it especially in autumn, when you have to search for fish at a long distance or while fishing from a boat.

How to fish with blade baits?

The most effective method of blade bait presentation is subtle jigging, during which you should pay attention to the moment of picking the bait up from the bottom. This is when the bait starts to work and the speed of the jerk will have a decisive influence on the frequency of the blade bait's vibrations.
When fishing in a river, holding the blade bait in the current will be extremely effective. In calmer sections of rivers, the blade bait can be guided calmly, even lazily.

We offer blade baits of excellent quality from various manufacturers. Their diversity allows you to choose a lure for every fishery and species of fish.