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Lures - jerkbaits

Prices from 13.18 €
Salmo Jerkbaits Rattlin Slider
New 2020!
Prices from 9.77 €
Prices from 22.27 €
Prices from 22.50 €
Kenart Artur Janoszka
Prices from 6.02 €
Shimano Jerkbaits Coltsniper Rockwalk
New 2020!
Prices from 20.23 €
Rapala Jerkbaits X-Rap Long-Cast Shallow
New 2020!
Prices from 12.73 €
Salmo Lures Rattlin Stick
New 2020!
Prices from 11.36 €
Prices from 10.68 €
Prices from 15.68 €
Prices from 14.77 €
Rapala Jerkbaits X-Rap Twitchin Shad
New 2020!
Prices from 12.04 €
Taps Woblery Kujawskie M.Osiński
Prices from 5.45 €
Prices from 6.36 €
Prices from 10.00 €
Prices from 8.98 €
Prices from 8.41 €
Jerkbaits is another group of lures designed mainly for pike fishing, although in a slightly smaller version, ideal for perch and even for trout. Their structure and characteristic motion resembles a wounded fish, which often fall victim of not too intensely feeding predator. Like many other ideas, jerkbaits arrived relatively late and they were brought from overseas. Simple, at first glance, the structure combined with an interesting range of colours created sensation. Currently, lipless wobblers consitute a very high percentage share of baits for large pike. Jerkbaits, can be divided into two basic groups. The first of them are the so-called gliders, which during jerking work side to side. The second group are the pullbaits, that is lure with practically no action on their own. These are a bit more demanding, but equally effective baits, having many predators on their conscience.