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Cortland Fly lines Finesse Trout II Floating

Our revolutionary Finesse Trout II is designed for fishing s...
Prices from 99.99 €

Cortland Fly lines 333 Full Sinking Type 3

The 333 Classic Full Sinking line is a Type 3 sinking fly li...
Prices from 54.99 €

Cortland Fly lines 333 Trout All Purpose Floating

A durable, high-floating, general-purpose fly line available...
Prices from 54.99 €

Cortland Euro Nymph Leader Material

Cortland Euro Nymph Leader material is a camoflauge colored...
Prices from 15.49 €

FMFly Hooks Shrimp Caddis Pupa FM752BL

Basic strong forged hooks for tying nymphs, especially those...
Prices from 2.24 €

FMFly Hooks Worm Hooks FM480

High quality forged barb fly hooks for tying streamers. Made...
Prices from 2.02 €

FMFly Hooks Pike Worm Hooks FM351

High-quality forged and light fly hooks with a wide gap desi...
Prices from 0.81 €

FMFly Jig Fly Hooks FM431BL

High quality forged fly jig hooks. Great hook for nymphs as...
Prices from 3.05 €

Hardy Reels Ultralite MTX-S

A bold step forward in reel design, the Hardy® Ultralite MTX...
Prices from 523.81 €

Scierra Fly Fishing Set Baby Brook Combo

Fly Fishing Set Baby Brook Combo: • 30T Carbon and 1DFR con...
Prices from 183.33 €

Loon Outdoors Dry fly gel Lochsa Floatant

Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works...
Prices from 13.10 €

Hemingway's Junction Tube

Soft PVC has been designed to fit on to the Brass US tubing,...
Prices from 0.90 €

Veniard Silicone Rubber Tubing

Extra soft and pliable, this tubing has been specially manuf...
Prices from 1.48 €

Loon Outdoors Ergo Whip Finisher

The classic whip finisher with a powder coated ergonomic bod...
Prices from 22.38 €

Hareline Dubbin Italian Ringlock Scissor

Made in Italy
Prices from 31.67 €

Stonfo Travel Tool Set 711

Complete travel set which includes 8 fly tying tools. Suppli...
Prices from 87.86 €

Guideline Laxa Seatrout Double Hand

Guideline flyfishing kits have been updated with a totally n...
Prices from 437.62 €

Hanak Fly Hooks Hanak 490 BL Jig Trophy

Extra strong jig hook with extra wide gape for use with vari...
Prices from 5.36 €

Hanak Fly Hooks Hanak 480 BL Jig Champion

Improved jig hook with extra wide gape for use with various...
Prices from 5.12 €

Hanak Fly Lines Wave

Range Wave presents a high standard at an unbeatable price.
Prices from 31.90 €

Hanak Fly Reels Wave

Metal reel with quality drag and ball-bearing for smooth fun...
Prices from 46.90 €

Hanak Fly Reels Stream II

Upgraded lightweight version of popular reel with extra sens...
Prices from 68.81 €

Guideline Fly Lines Coastal Evolve WF

Coastal has for many years been the reference line for coast...
Prices from 109.99 €

Gamakatsu Hooks F11-B

Barbless thin wired hook for dry flies and light nymphs.
Prices from 3.76 €

Guideline Halo

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all...
Prices from 132.38 €

Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Plier

The indisdepsible hackle plier receives a makeover. The smoo...
Prices from 15.48 €

Hareline Dubbin Lycra Foil Stretch

Lycra Foil Stretch is a durable and slightly stretchable mat...
Prices from 5.17 €

Guideline Rods LPs

LPs (Light Presentation Series) is Euro nymph/light dry fly...
Prices from 254.52 €

Guideline Laxa Switch

The 11' Switch rod has a WF Multi Tip line with a floating t...
Prices from 406.90 €

Hareline Dubbin Silicone Bead Pad

A silicone pad with a rough surface, from which heads or oth...
Prices from 6.90 €

Guideline Fly Reels Fario LW Anthracite

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively...
Prices from 376.67 €

Partridge of Redditch Fly Hooks Patriot Nordic Tube Double

Specifically designed for fishing the rivers of Scandinavia...
Prices from 10.36 €

Owner Double hooks STD36BC

Double hooks with narrow eye. Recommended especially for tub...
Prices from 6.55 €

DAM Floating Landing Nets

The DAM Floating Landing Nets are floating with the full fra...
Prices from 20.71 €

Veniard Brush Coat

A new brush on clear coating/finish from Veniard. Comes in a...
Prices from 4.52 €

Smhaen Smhaen Bobbin Holder Pro

The SMHAEN bobbin is the only super functional, micro adjust...
Prices from 67.00 €

Stonfo Hair Compactor

Simple and useful accessory designed to bring together in a...
Prices from 4.88 €

Stonfo Elite Hackle Plier

A new-concept hackle pliers. Permit a very good tightening o...
Prices from 9.05 €

Stonfo Hair clips

Hair clips indispensable to make a dubbing loop using variou...
Prices from 10.60 €

Stonfo Rotodubbing Twister Elite

Superior quality dubbing tool made of stainless steel with a...
Prices from 40.24 €

FMFly Ceramic Bobbin

Prices from 3.43 €