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Abu Garcia MAX 40-60 Low Profile Reel

The MAX™ casting reels are designed to achieve great perform...
Prices from 171.43 €

Abu Garcia Reels Superior

The Superior is a spinning reel designed by the Japanese Abu...
Prices from 85.71 €

Shimano Nasci FC Reels

The NASCI front drag reel range embraces modern design and v...
Prices from 90.48 €

Shimano Nexave FI

The new Nexave FI is the updated version of the well-known N...
Prices from 58.33 €

Savage Gear SGS6 FD

When fishing in saltwater environments, there’s plenty to th...
Prices from 88.10 €

Savage Gear SG2 FD Reels

Made from a super strong graphite composite material that of...
Prices from 40.48 €

Prologic Fulcrum XD Reels

For carp anglers, the name Prologic stands for quality and d...
Prices from 99.05 €

Prologic Reels Element BF

For those carp anglers who demand that little something extr...
Prices from 58.33 €

Prologic Avenger XD Reels

When casting long distances, you need tackle you can rely on...
Prices from 75.48 €

Prologic Avenger BF reels

With sleek and stealthy aesthetics and a matt black body, th...
Prices from 35.71 €

Prologic Reels C-Series BF

Compact in size, small on price, but big on performance – th...
Prices from 30.95 €

Shimano Twin Power XD

• Increased strength HAGANE Gear to overcome the most extrem...
Prices from 507.14 €

Guideline Fly Reels Halo Black Stealth

Guideline Halo fly reels in color Black Stealth has class le...
Prices from 132.38 €

Shimano Twin Power XD

• Increased strength HAGANE Gear to overcome the most extrem...
Prices from 507.14 €

Shimano Stradic CI4+ Reels

• Ultra lightweight Ci4+ body material delivers outstanding...
Prices from 214.05 €

Okuma Reels Tomcat

• Corrosion-resistant graphite body • CFR : Cyclonic Flow R...
Prices from 29.76 €

Okuma Reels Scorpio V2 SP FD Limited

Characteristic of the Okuma SCORPIO V2 SP reels: • Corrosio...
Prices from 38.10 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 4 SLS FS

The new QUICK® 4 SLS FS reel features a strong but lightweig...
Prices from 123.81 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 4 SLS FD

The new QUICK® 4 SLS reel features a strong but lightweight...
Prices from 110.95 €

Daiwa Reels 21 Certate SW

The Big Fish Reel for extreme conditions! With the new Certa...
Prices from 559.52 €

Shimano Ultegra FC Reels

The new Shimano ULTEGRA reel is the ultimate evolution of on...
Prices from 136.67 €

Ryobi Zauber LT

Refreshed version of the popular Ryobi Zauber reels availabl...
Prices from 83.33 €

Dragon Reels Sea Master FD

• 6 stainless steel ball bearings • Stainless steel Infini...
Prices from 84.52 €

Prorex Prorex PE SV TW

The new special model for braided lines. The super-lightweig...
Prices from 209.52 €

Daiwa Tatula TWS 300

With the Tatula TWS 300 DAIWA for the first time offers a le...
Prices from 269.05 €

Daiwa Crosscast Spod 45 SCW QD Reel

With the Crosscast Spod with 45mm spool stroke DAIWA offers...
Prices from 117.14 €

Daiwa Reels Crosscast 35 SCW LD QD

The new Crosscast SCW LD QD with 35mm spool stroke now is al...
Prices from 89.52 €

Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 SCW QD reel

High-end model from Japan with 45mm spool stroke! With the T...
Prices from 744.05 €

Daiwa Luvias Airity FC LT 21 Reels

Daiwa Luvias Airity LT 21 is the lightest spinning reel in D...
Prices from 109.52 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TT

Prices from 13.57 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TM

Prices from 10.95 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TS

Prices from 9.52 €

Jaxon Reels Claris CX

Prices from 17.62 €

Jaxon Reels Claris CT

Prices from 15.00 €

Hanak Fly Reels Streamer 67

Ultra-light large-arbor reel for streamer and stillwater fis...
Prices from 128.57 €

Hanak Fly Reels Lake Pro 78

Modern lightweight large arbor reel designed for still-water...
Prices from 195.00 €