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Westin Rods W4 StreetStick 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Streetstick 2nd Generation rods take ultra-light fish...
Prices from 147.96 €
Westin Rods W4 Finesse T&C 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Finesse T&C 2nd Generation (Texas & Carolina) is the...
Prices from 157.85 €
Westin Rods W4 Finesse Shad 2nd
New 2022!
If you are in need of a bit more power compared to the rest...
Prices from 157.85 €
Westin Rods W4 Powerlure 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Powerlure 2nd Generation rods are made with high qual...
Prices from 167.96 €
Westin Rods W4 Powershad 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Powershad 2nd Generation is a perfectly formed all-ro...
Prices from 167.96 €
Westin Rods W4 PowerTeez 2nd
New 2022!
Designed specifically for casting and jigging with soft and...
Prices from 167.96 €
Westin Rods W4 Powercast 2nd
New 2022!
The action and characteristics of the W4 Powercast 2nd Gener...
Prices from 177.85 €
Illex Hard Lures Riser Bait 008
New 2022!
The RISERBAIT 008 is a compact new-generation pencil bait. O...
Prices from 21.72 €
Shimano Hard Lures Cardiff Stream Flat
New 2022!
The Cardiff Stream Flat is a sinking trout lure that feature...
Prices from 11.61 €
Illex Hard lures Riser bait 007R
New 2022!
The RISER BAIT 007 R is the slim line ultra-realistic member...
Prices from 20.00 €
DAM Effzett
The DAM Yagi is the next generation of our extremely popular...
Prices from 43.44 €
Kenart Artur Janoszka
Prices from 6.13 €
Westin Lures Spot-On Twin Turbo
New 2022!
The Spot-On Twin Turbo really exceeded our expectations. Thi...
Prices from 13.98 €
A stylish rod series of two lengths (190cm and 230cm) each i...
Prices from 40.86 €
The suspending Ikiru ‘Jerk’ lures are perk jerkbait models b...
Prices from 4.73 €
These tiny jig spinners are perfect for flicking out between...
Prices from 5.85 €
Megabass Live-X Model 1
New 2022!
The LIVE-X, one of Megabass’ original injection-molded lures...
Prices from 22.58 €
Megabass KARASHI IGX 70
New 2022!
In the early 90's, Yuki Ito starred in the fishing video ser...
Prices from 19.57 €
Shimano Reels Stella FK
New 2022!
Stella is SHIMANO’s ultimate spinning reel – evolved. Featur...
Prices from 625.81 €
Westin Rods W4 UltraStick 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Ultrastick 2nd Generation combines the three key attr...
Prices from 157.85 €
Westin Rods W4 Vertical Jigging 2nd
New 2022!
The W4 Vertical Jigging 2nd Generation rod is your go-to too...
Prices from 147.96 €
Westin Rods W3 Dropshot 2nd
New 2022!
A sensitive Torayca® carbon blank with the backbone to set t...
Prices from 99.78 €
Dorado Darek Małysz
Dorado Darek Małysz Sanky
New 2022!
Prices from 4.84 €
Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP
New 2022!
The body design and MFB System provide super-long castabilit...
Prices from 9.25 €
DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner
New 2022!
DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinners revolutionize the world of spin...
Prices from 6.88 €
DUO Spearhead Ryuki Quattro 90S
New 2022!
Join the revolution of the joint evolution! CONCEPT The...
Prices from 22.37 €
Palms Alexandra FS
New 2022!
New remake of the debut model of famous flatside-minnow Alex...
Prices from 10.97 €
Salmo Lures Slider 16cm Limited Colours Edition
New 2022!
Four limited edition colours: Black Widow, Spotted Brown Per...
Prices from 27.96 €
FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout
New 2022!
The Fox Rage Replicant family expands further with this incr...
Prices from 12.15 €
FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout Jointed
New 2022!
Now in the awesome Replicant Trout format, this jointed lure...
Prices from 10.54 €
FOX Rage Lures Replicant Realistic Trout Jointed Shallow
New 2022!
The power of the brilliant Jointed Trout Replicant goes shal...
Prices from 11.51 €
Bielik Kamil Białkowski
Recomended for pike. Good for ferking. Strong working.
Prices from 5.81 €
Savage Gear
Savage Gear Gobster Shad
New 2022!
A flat profile shad with a truly captivating swimming action...
Prices from 4.73 €
Westin Rods W3 StreetStick 2nd
New 2022!
Get ready for a fishing rod that could quickly become an ess...
Prices from 93.55 €
The Water Monitor is a sinking pencil bait that is great whe...
Prices from 18.49 €
Seiji Kato created the SK Pop using all his knowledge to mak...
Prices from 16.99 €
Savage Gear
Savage Gear Rattle & Spike Kit
New 2022!
Perfect kit for adding weight and sound to your softlure....
Prices from 8.17 €
Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit
New 2022!
A range of slim profile and very long-casting lures with hig...
Prices from 12.47 €
Quantum 4street Carolina Rig
New 2022!
- READY TO FISH: Ready-to-use, pre-tied rig for effective fi...
Prices from 2.39 €
Quantum 4street Texas Rig
New 2022!
- READY TO FISH: Ready-to-use, pre-tied rig for effective fi...
Prices from 2.47 €
Molix Soft Baits RT FLIP TAIL
New 2022!
The new Molix RT FLIP TAIL is extremely lifelike, the perfec...
Prices from 7.74 €
When it comes to tackling fish which are not actively feedin...
Prices from 20.86 €