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Savage Gear
Prices from 63.33 €
Savage Gear Rods SG2 Shore Game Cork
New 2021!
Savage Gear SG2 Shore Game Cork, rods designed for shore fis...
Prices from 87.78 €
Sakura Rods Speciz Spinning 2.0
New 2021!
- 2 pieces and one section spinning rods - EACH SERIE IS D...
Prices from 78.00 €
Cormoran Rods Power Creek Jiggerspin
New 2021!
Developed for sensitive fishing with jigs and small shads. T...
Prices from 26.00 €
Cormoran Rods Power Creek Spinning
New 2021!
Rods Cormoran Power Creek Spin Fast, very well balanced spi...
Prices from 23.11 €
Cormoran Spinrods RayCor-X Spinning
New 2021!
Spinrods Cormoran RayCor-X UL / Light Spin Light and ultra-...
Prices from 42.44 €
Dragon Rods Excite Spinning
New 2021!
In blanks of the rods such prepregs were used: - graphite...
Prices from 32.00 €
Dragon Rods X-Treme Spinning
New 2021!
Second generation of Dragon’s series of rods from extra fast...
Prices from 55.11 €
Dragon Rods Bass-X-Fury Spinning
New 2021!
Series of rods prepared by the experts when it comes to fish...
Prices from 48.22 €
Dragon Rods Team Dragon Stealth
New 2021!
Limited, exclusive series of one piece spinning rods. Design...
Prices from 109.56 €
Prorex Spinrods Prorex AGS Light Spin
New 2021!
The Prorex AGS rods with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip a...
Prices from 235.11 €
Prorex Spinrods Prorex AGS
New 2021!
The spinning rod series from the Prorex predator rage for an...
Prices from 247.11 €
Daiwa Rods Twiligth Coregone
New 2021!
The Twilight Coregone has been developed with support from o...
Prices from 76.89 €
Jaxon Rods Zaffira Jig Spin RT
New 2021!
Prices from 10.44 €
Jaxon Rods Tenesa Spinning TX
New 2021!
Prices from 15.33 €
Jaxon Rods Tenesa Jig Spin
New 2021!
Prices from 10.78 €
Jaxon Rods Tenesa Spinning
New 2021!
Prices from 11.56 €
Shimano Rods Sedona Spinning
New 2021!
The new SEDONA spinning series is developed with versatilit...
Prices from 61.11 €
Technium AX is a beautiful all-round fast / extra-fast actio...
Prices from 102.00 €
Shimano Rods Norden SP Spinning
New 2021!
The 3pcs and 4pcs constructions of these rods makes every r...
Prices from 136.67 €
The new SpeedMaster DX: it’s thin, light and responsive blan...
Prices from 133.33 €
The new Bass One XT is a JDM rod which is designed for mult...
Prices from 102.00 €
Jaxon Rods Eclatis Master Spin Universal
New 2021!
Prices from 22.00 €
Jaxon Rods Eclatis Micro Spin Ultralight
New 2021!
Prices from 25.56 €