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UV light
Traper Fly Stream

UV light

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6.44 €
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Traper Fly Stream
Traper Fly Stream
Traper friends – we are restless anglers. We keep looking for newer and newer challenges. We have been fishing all float, ledger and lure fishing methods. We know fisheries throughout Poland and in many foreign countries. We fished on streams and ponds, big rivers and lakes, seas and oceans. When starting new fishing activity we are doing our best. We are trying to achieve maximum level of advancement as soon as possible. We are taking part in competitions. It would be a hard task without cooperation with others. We are meeting other anglers. Some of them become our friends. Traper family grows. In recent years some of us get interested in fly fishing. We have met many marvellous fly fishermen.
Starting from 2018 we are an official sponsor of the Polish National Team, which consist of individual and team World and European Champions. We are supporting the first fly fishing league Traper Rymanów club. It consists of European vice champion Bartosz Rapiej, Champion of Poland – Michał Fejkiel, and young but highly talented anglers from family with fly fishing traditions brothers Grzegorz Konieczny and Szymon Konieczny – An Individual World Junior Champion in 2018 and 2019. We are also co - operating with European Champion – Piotr Zieleniak. All these perfect anglers have been helping us to create the offer which will satisfy the most demanding fly fishermen requirements. High quality at a reasonable price is our most important target. We are not forgetting youngsters and anglers with limited budget. The catalogue that we are pleased to present includes all indispensable tackle and accessories, necessary for this beautiful fishing style.
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