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DAM Magno Fly Net

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D.A.M. Mango Fly Net

D.A.M. Mango Fly Net

Code: 8231201

Dimensions: 40 X 48 cm
Mesh: Rubberized
Net depth: 27 cm
Total length: 68.00 cm
Transport length: 70 cm

29.76 €
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DAM is a famous worldwide brand that has been established in 1875 and stands for quality, tradition, heritage and high service. Many of its products and brand names have become synonym for certain products we all use every time we go angling. During the last century DAM has developed a massive portfolio of brands like: Quick, Mad, Effzett, Shadow, Tectan and Damyl.

DAM is known for making high-quality products under these brand names that have been carefully designed and engineered by our product development department at the head office in Germany. We apply strict standards to our products that all provide a high level of functionality, comfort and are manufactured to ensure unmatched durability.
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