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Dragon Caps DRAGON 90-009-02

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Waterrepellent caps made of most advanced PU fabric.

Caps DRAGON 90-009-02

Waterrepellent caps made of most advanced PU fabric.
Dragon Fishing Equipment! A huge offer of rods, reels, lures and accessories. Team Dragon is a group of passionate fishermen who have been testing our equipment for many years in the most demanding fisheries in the world.
Anglers expect the quality of the offered equipment to keep pace with their growing skills and ambitions. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have implemented the so-called Quality Optimization System (QOS), consisting in creating a closed chain of technological connections, controlled at every stage of the production process - from the initial design to the final assembly.
An important element of the system is the use of an optimized design with the use of the highest quality components and materials. A perfect example is the bearing - one of the most important elements determining the durability of a reel. It is not the quantity, but most of all the quality of the bearings used that affects whether the reel will be used for many seasons, or whether it will end up in the garbage after being used several times. Taking into account the dimensions and the loads occurring during operation, the best reel bearings are currently manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and Germany. These are the bearings we use in Dragon reels! As a result, even the cheapest models meet high standards, work flawlessly and never disappoint their owners!
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